Mirlungkot : Queen Of Hill And Culture Of The Gurung Community

Mirlungkot Tanahu

Mirlungkot : The existing Mirlungkot is considered as a beautiful place .This mountain is located in Tanahu District, Mirlung VDC. . At the top of this hill, there is a royal palace from many centuries ago. The votes of advice are shaking around and people come from different places to visit this beautiful place.

As this mountain is very high, Lamjung, Kaski, Manang, Gorkha can be seen clearly from this hill. And in the mountains Mount Everest, Dhaulagiri and Praya mountains are also seen.

Listed as one of the best destinations in Gandaki, Tanahu’s Bhanu Municipality-13 Mirlung-based Tutepani Namuna Community Homestay area offers spectacular scenic views. 1275 m above sea level. Tutepani Community Homestay, located 21 km northeast of Damauli, has been developed as an attractive destination for rural tourism.

Mirlungkot-Notes Nepal

The culture of the Gurung community, the clean and tidy village, the roofs of the houses of the same color, the courtyards of the stone houses, the colorful flowers in the courtyards of each house as well as the snow-capped peaks to the north are very attractive and captivating.

Homestay has been conducted in 16 out of 30 households. You can see the natural scenery, Mirlungkot Bhayran Than Darshan, the green forest, the perfect cave of Thulodhunga. Tutepani is an excellent destination for those who want to enjoy original folk performances like Ghatu, Sorathi, Chutka, Pangdure dance based on the culture of the Gurung community.

The specialties of the place are roasted maize, sandheko gundruk, soybean, kodo and fapar bread, kodo liquor, locally grown chicken, khasiboka meat and other food items.Guests arriving at the homestay spend up to Rs 1,500 per person on a package including dinner, overnight stay and breakfast, food as well as cultural programs.

Mirlungkot -Notes Nepal
Mirlungkot Tanahu

Guests are not welcome here now as Corona is in the throes of disaster. Has the chairperson of the Homestay Management Committee been barred from coming to the Homestay since April 25? Home Bahadur Gurung explains. During this period, homestay operators have focused on repairing and improving the necessary infrastructure and constructing new buildings.

Tanahu, which is rich in historical, religious, cultural and natural diversity, can be considered as an excellent destination for tourism.

Similarly, State Assembly Member Ram Bahadur Gurung said that Mirlungkot is historically and religiously important and stressed on the need to develop Mirlungkot as a major tourist attraction.

Festival coordinator Lamsal said that local agricultural products including tableaus of different castes were also displayed at the festival. Paragliding at Mirlungkot Festival, visit to cultural village, display of herbs etc.

Starting from Chundiramgha, the birthplace of the great poet Bhanubhakta Acharya, the tourist areas of the district include Basantapur, Chowk Chisapani, Mirlung, Pulimrang, Lamjung’s Jita, Bhorletar and Kaski’s Rupatala and Begnastal. The festival is organized at Ranipokhari in Mirlungkot, which is considered rich in cultural heritage and tourist attractions.


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