Tutepani Village : A Beautiful Tourist Destination In Tanahu


Tutepani: An Introduction

Tutepani is located in ward no. 6 of Savik Risti VDC, north of Damauli, the district headquarters of Tanahu district. Even though the northern part of the district is considered more accessible than the south in terms of development, the locals have taken the lead for peace, prosperity and culture of their village through rural tourism.

Tutepani -Notes Nepal

Located near Tutepani village adorned with nature and culture, the historic Thulodhunga, Mirlungkot, forests suitable for local bird and wildlife observation, Annapurna mountain range, Martyr Park (Pulimrang), Dargah Jame Masjid of Samjur, which is considered to be the oldest in Nepal. A well-organized community homestay has been developed for the guests. Tutepani village has been declared as the main gateway of the district’s three footpaths, Buddha Shanti Footpath, Mirlungkot Footpath and Kashmiri Footpath.

Tutepani village

Total number of households: 35
Major castes: Gurung community
Distance from the headquarters: 21 km. (Via Camin route)
Elevation: 1275 meters above sea level
Services and facilities: roads, lights, telephones, community buildings, training halls, Arani High School

How to reach

Damauli, the district headquarters of Tanahu, also has a daily bus service from Dumre Bazaar to the village.

Who to contact?

Tutepani -Notes Nepal
Tutepani Tanahu

If you want to go to Tutepani, what is the chairman of Tutepani Homestay Management Committee? Home Bahadur Gurung can be contacted. Gurung can be contacted on 9806759363. Tutepani is a 1 night 2 day tour package. Tutepani can be a great destination to enjoy nature with a beautiful clean village for 2 days of your busy life.

Bhanu Municipality of Tanahu is also one of the best destinations for rural tourism. In the year 2072 BS, the then District Development Committee and Tourism Promotion Committee, Tanahu, with the objective of supporting the development of the village through rural tourism promotion program, ward no. 13 The campaign conducted in Tutepani is gaining significance now. The Homestay program has been conducted under the Rural Tourism Promotion Program with the objective of supporting the economic and social empowerment of the locals by properly promoting the historical, religious, cultural, natural and tourist areas of Mirlungkot area, the second highest hill of the district spread at an altitude of 1,654 meters above sea level. .

The Homestay program has been increasing the movement of people in Tutepani village, which is being devastated due to migration. Tutepani, a densely populated area of ​​the Gurung community, has been deserted due to the recent influx of people in search of education, health and facilities. With the objective of making the village a model village through the rural tourism promotion program, the District Development Committee, Tanahu, after conducting homestay management training, said that the living standard and daily life of the residents have been changing. Home Bahadur Gurung said.

Along with taking basic training in homestay operation, they have been operating homestay in 16 out of 30 houses of the village. Homestay has now changed the lifestyle of the residents here, says Chairman Gurung. Gurung says, “Homestay has increased the activity in the village which is being devastated due to the monsoon. It has also taught us that our economic status has also increased due to the sale and distribution of locally produced agricultural products.

This is how Tutepani is welcomed

In the beautiful village of Tutepani, from the village entrance gate, according to Gurung culture, the guests are welcomed and entertained, taken to the building and fed the food produced in the village.


At the beginning, there is a program to welcome the guests with gajabaja by the mothers and fathers from the youth of the village. “We take the building home and greet the guests who come to our village,” said Nanda Kumari Gurung, chairperson of the Sundevi Mothers’ Group. According to the Gurung culture, an appeal is made to God so that nothing happens until the guest from far away is welcomed and bade farewell in the village. After that, the guests are welcomed with Narepa (liquor) and the village’s corn, soybean and gundruk food.

Guests arriving at the homestay are required to pay up to Rs 1,200 per package, including dinner, overnight stay and breakfast, meals as well as cultural programs. The local Shanti Youth Club, Sundevi Ama Samuha has been assisting the guests in the homestay as well as in welcoming the guests. Similarly, with the objective of further promoting homestay, Animal Farm Pokhara has also run a program of raising local layer breed chickens.

The village is becoming self-sufficient in meat and eggs as the eggs and meat produced from the chickens are fed to the guests. Similarly, even if the guests coming to the homestay want to eat the meat of Khasi goats, there is no problem in raising goats in the village, said Chairman Gurung. Homestay operators have complained that the local level formed after the country went to federalism did not get much support through rural tourism promotion programs even though the then DDCs conducted basic programs with the objective of making a model homestay.

Chairman Gurung says that we are thinking of making the district a model homestay if the municipality pays attention to the necessary infrastructure and expansion of access to technology.

Harisin Gurung, chairman of the Nepal Tourism Development Committee, says that the Tutepani Homestay connected with Buddha Shanti Footpath, Mirlungkot Footpath and Kashmiri Cultural Footpath and the rural tourism promotion program in the villages of the region will have a positive impact.


Bhanu’s Mirlung has historical, religious and tourist significance. From Damauli, Milungkot falls on the second highest peak at an altitude of 1,654 meters. From Kot, Lamujung, Tanahu and Kaski border is a sight to behold. From the front of the eye, the view of Sahid village, Kamin Kalika, Rajapani Mahadev, Thulodhunga, Mirlung Bhangerathan etc. can be seen.


Thulodhunga, near Tutepani Homestay, is famous for its famous cave. The big stone under the roots of the bride and groom is worshiped in the name of Shivaji. The locals worship the five Shiva lingas placed on the spot on the day of Shivaratri. The former fairgrounds are on the verge of extinction due to lack of publicity.

Martyr’s village Pulimarang

Pulimarang village of Vyas 8 connected with Bhanu 13 is known as the village of martyrs. Dharmadhwaj Gurung was martyred for democracy in 2007 BS, Samsher Gurung in 2018 BS in Bharatpur of Chitwan and Bharat Gurung in his own village in Pulimarang. Lal Dhwaj Gurung, Hastavir Gurung and Servis Gurung were martyred in Kotre. The statue made in his memory can be seen in Pulimrang even though it is covered. From Pulimarang, red red gourds can be seen in the green forest under the hills along the mountain range.

Cashmere footpath

Tutepani -Notes Nepal

Cashmere is one of the top five footpaths in Tanahu district. The first letter of the former Kamin, Satiswaran, Mirlung and Risti VDCs of the district has been named as Kashmiri. Currently, most of the cashmere area falls within the Beas municipality.

The second highest peak of Tanahu, Mirlungkot, extends up to 1,654 meters from the Kelesti Valley at an altitude of about 400 meters above sea level.

Historically, religiously, culturally and naturally important, this area includes Mirlungkot, Pulimarang known as Sahid village, famous religious places like Kamin Kalika, Rajapani Mahadev, Basahasthan, Dargah Jame Masjid, Thulodhunga, Mirlung Bhangerathan etc. for excellent scenery. The Kashmiri area mainly has homestays, religious sites, natural caves, paragliding, trekking and hiking.

Mirlungkot, which falls under Kashmiri, is rich in historical, religious, cultural and natural heritage. Here are the ruins of the palace of the pious Sen Raja, the temple of Kailashpati Mahadev near the palace, the Bhayarthan worshiped as Shaktidev on the west side, the martyr village Pulimarang

When there is a dirt road, the means of transportation cannot run smoothly with the onset of the rainy season. Similarly, there is a lack of emergency health facilities.


Where is Tutepani Village?

How to reach Tutepani Village?

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