Cock Fight : Cock Fighting Tradition In Nepal

Cock Fight

Cock Fight : In many parts of the district, Maghe Sankranti has been associated with the festival of bullfighting. Bullfighting has been going on in Ghalebhanjyang, 49 km north of Gongbu in Kathmandu for the past four years.

According to the Nepali tradition of fighting battai, luinche and chicken cocks without raising the issue of animal rights, they are entertained by fighting cows in the sun in winter. The tradition started on the initiative of Ram Thapa, former chairman of Panchakanya VDC at that time, has continued by fighting six oxen. This year, the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) provided Rs. 200,000 to Taruka, Panchakanya and Shera in Nuwakot and Dhuwankot in Dhading to help promote tourism Cock Fight

Aiming to promote Nepal’s cultural sports tourism with the slogan ‘Pride of Panchakanya, Nuwakot’, the local Nav Pratibha Youth Group organized a bullfighting fair and various cultural programs from Kathmandu to the district headquarters Vidur, Tadi, Tupche, Shivpuri, Likhu and other places. Participated.Cock Fight


Cock Fight -Notes Nepal
Cock Fight

A crowd of about 3,000 children, youths, and senior citizens flocked to see the bulls fighting in a medium-sized barn and in the surrounding dill. Some of the 12 bulls named Lale, Gajuwa, Kale, etc. are fighting together and some were laughing saying Lale and Kale. Along with the bullfighting, a group of Dhamesh Dulal, Sharmila Shrestha, Deepika Magar, etc. joined the guests and spectators in song and dance.

Of the five wards in the village municipality, four wards registered seven oxen but only six oxen were slaughtered. Some bulls fought for 35 minutes and some for only 30 seconds. A five-member judging committee was formed under the coordination of local Ganesh Khanal to decide the winner based on the time of bullfighting, his slaughter and pushing.Cock Fight

In the competition, Suvin Thapa and Som Bahadur Tamang’s oxen got first (Rs. 15,000), Umesh Adhikari’s oxen got second (Rs. 10,000), Arjanu Pyakurel’s oxen got third (Rs. 5,000) and Ram Thapa and Raghuram Thapa’s oxen got consolation prizes. Nepali Congress leaders Jagdish Narsingh KC, Ramesh Mahat and Mahendra Thing urged the locals not to give up their religion and culture and urged the government not to cut off the Chhare-Ghalebhanjyang and Amparah-Rautar-Ghalebhanjyang road projects. Cock Fight

Dupcheshwor in the east, Likhu in the west, Tadi in the north and Shivpuri and Likhu in the south. Rahuchuli, the highest mountain in Ganesh Himal and Nuwakot (about 4,270 meters high, can also be seen from Tundikhel in Kathmandu) can be seen from here. Paddy, almost all species of fruits, ginger, etc. are produced in Panchakanya, which has ample fields of grass and water suitable for livestock farming and animal husbandry. The rye greens here are famous even in Kathmandu. Coffee and cashew are also being cultivated in the Panchakanya Organic Farm led by Ram Thapa. Everyone here has a toilet and running water. Cock Fight

Cock Fight -Notes Nepal
Cock Fight

Chairman of the local SED Nepal, Purushottam Khadka, emphasized on the construction of a 12-month road and sports ground and the establishment of a campus and hospital by upgrading from Chhare to Ghalebhanjyang. According to him, the tower of Nepal Telecom does not give much work here.

Deepak Mahat, a member of the Nepal Tourism Board Steering Committee, suggested that local production booths be set up to promote bullfighting. According to him, tourism can be promoted if a magnificent idol of Lord Shiva is placed in the Kapileshwar Mahadev Temple. He is also of the view that small resorts can be set up at the beginning to attract tourists.Cock Fight

Cock Fight

Another member of the board, Awadhesh Das, suggested a male and goat slaughter program along with bullfighting. Former VDC chairperson Thapa, on the other hand, said that the practice of dating should be revived in Nuwakot district. He is involved in the campaign to make Panchakanya VDC an organic village and is thinking of making it an agricultural research center.

According to Sita Parajuli Khadka, vice-chairperson of the village municipality, local Krishna Mishra is committed to continue this tradition of preserving culture with more publicity next year.Cock Fight

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