David Falls : One of the most Amazing Tourist Destination in Pokhara

Patale Chago, This waterfall, known as David Falls, is located in Pokhara, Kaski District. This waterfall, which falls below the ground level towards Gupteswar Cave, is worth seeing during the rainy season. A Swiss tourist named David fell from the waterfall and disappeared, hence the name David Falls. Through a natural tunnel, the waterfall falls from about 500 feet above to 100 feet below ground level. In 1961, while swimming in Phewa Lake, a Swiss tourist was swept away by an unexpected flood and her friends  could not save him. Similarly, the body of the tourist  was never found, so the falls  was named David Falls after the man.

David Falls
David Falls

Most of the Indian tourists visit David Falls. In addition to the waterfalls within the David Falls complex, the Whispul and Amusement Parks are also attractive sites. Students who come on educational trips also make this place their first choice. The ancient name of the David fruit is ‘Patle Chhango’. The local Chhorepatan Higher Secondary School has taken charge of its protection. According to Laxman Thapa, Principal of Chhorepatan Higher Secondary School, David Fruit is the main attraction for the development of tourism in Pokhara.


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In terms of roundness and volume, Pokhara is not so big and huge. But it is amazing to find hundreds of natural features within such a short geography and volume. Pokhara is not considered to be a city of natural beauty. Due to the unique natural qualities that exist here, Pokhara has really got amazing beauty. The leaf canopy is one of the dozens of natural gifts in Pokhara.

David Falls

Also called Davis Falls. Although those who consider Fewatal to be man-made may call this water connected with its water man-made, but to anyone who visits here, the scenery here seems wonderful and mysterious. Thousands of tourists visit Chhango every year and return with many unforgettable memories and pictures.


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