Tarebhir Pokhari : Is Becoming A Tourist Attraction

Tare Bhir Pokhari

Tarebhir Pokhari  : A historical pond, which has been collecting rainwater and using it for agriculture along with livestock, has become a tourist destination at this time. Apart from being a tourist attraction, it has also become an attraction for internal and external tourists along with the conservation of the Tarebhir Pokhari in Ward No. 22 Pumdibhumdi of Pokhara and construction of necessary physical infrastructure. According to Jang Bahadur Gurung, 92, a local, there was a shortage of drinking water at that time.

The experience of having water in the pond at the head of the village for many years. At that time, he used to take the animals to the Tarebhir Pokhari and feed them with water. He said that the forest pond has become a tourist destination along with conservation and infrastructure development.

Tarebhir  Pokhari-Notes Nepal
Tare Bhir Pokhari

At that time, drinking water was brought from Dharakhola in half an hour, he said. He said that the water taps brought from Patalakharka are now in the houses. The 20-meter-long and 15-meter-wide pond is located at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level and has a depth of one and a half meters, said Chet Bhakta Baral. Tarebhir Pokhari

According to him, the pond has been reconstructed at a cost of Rs. 250,000 by mobilizing Rs. 250,000 from the Pokhara metropolitan ward level and Rs. 75,000 from the Green Forest Program and local people’s participation. He informed that a concrete wall has been built around the pond and two doors have been set up with a 10 meter high net. Tarebhir Pokhari

calling that he used to swim in the water of the pond when he was young, local Dil Bahadur Gurung said that 800 bee fish fry were put in the pond after conservation. Stating that the buffaloes are now protected in the pond, he said that the irrigation facility has reached about 15 halls of ten families in the lower part of the pond. Tarebhir Pokhari

Tarebhir  Pokhari-Notes Nepal
Tare Bhir Pokhari

He said that 50 to 100 tourists still visit Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri, Fewatal and some Pokhara markets. Stating that an initiative is being taken to take the guests to the Kalabang Ghaderi Gharwas program of the nearby Pumdibhumdi from the pond, he pointed out the need for publicity.

Ram Prasad, principal of Durga Basic School in the courtyard of Tarebhir Pokhari  said that the pond should be developed as a source of income for the school. The school currently has 40 students. A dirt road has been constructed from Chhorepatan of Pokhara (Siddhartha Highway section) to reach the pond at the head of Palaiche village through Shanti Stupa.

It is believed that the promotion of tourism with the preservation of ancient ponds like Tarebhir Pokhari , which was dug hundreds of years ago by the ancestors for the immediate needs, will help in the marketing of organic products in the rural areas and also help in the income of the locals.

A one-day Tarebhir Pokhari  Festival has been organized to develop Tare Bhir as a tourist destination. The third Tare Bhir Festival was organized on Saturday at Tarebhir Pokhari at an altitude of about 2,000 meters within the Shivpuri Nagarjuna National Park. Inaugurating the Tare Bhir Mahotsav on Saturday, Minister for Industry Navindra Raj Joshi expressed the government’s commitment to help if an action plan is prepared and submitted by the municipality to make it a tourist destination.

Tarebhir  Pokhari-Notes Nepal
Tare Bhir Pokhari

On the occasion, local leaders of political parties including MP Rameshwor Phuyal, Executive Officer of Gokarneshwor Municipality Indra Kumari Thapaliya, Member of Municipal Political Mechanism Shrikrishna Jyoti, Coordinator of Festival Organizing Committee Laxman Gole Tamang and others stressed on the need for everyone’s support. The festival was organized for the first time on January 20, 2071 BS with the objective of making the place a place of concrete forest and attractive mountains. The locals have given continuity to the festival last year and this year as well. Tarebhir Pokhari


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