Palpa : Tourist attraction in ‘Queen of Nature’ Palpa Nepal


Palpa is full of religious, historical and archeological significance. Palpa, which has many cultural identities, has some natural and some artificial structures and attractions that attract visitors. Palpa, which is in direct contact with the Terai region, is also known as a meeting place for tourists visiting Pokhara, an important tourist destination of Nepal.

Tourists who reach Pokhara from Butwal, the center of Province No. 5, the main business center for the citizens of this region, can reach Pokhara via Syangja after observing the beautiful area in Palpa. Religious sites associated with various faiths, rivers, caves, community forests, historical, archeological objects, and agricultural produce produced here have also made Palpa’s identity unique.

Palpa-Notes Nepal

Citizens of Nawalparasi and Butwal in the Terai visit Palpa to stay cool during the summer and return after staying here for a few months. After coming to Palpa, Ranighat Durbar, Palpa Durbar, Bhagwati Temple, Srinagar Dada, Kaudelek, Satyavati Temple, Rishikesh Temple, Trishul of Bhairavasthan Temple, Asia’s largest Bhairavasthan Temple , Ramchevan and many other places worth seeing.

Apart from this, the beautiful green community forest of the district and the mines here have preserved the beauty of the district. Krishna Prasad Shrestha, central member of the Community Forest Federation, said that about 40 out of 684 community forests in the district have attracted many tourists. According to him, there are about 50 mines in the district. Stakeholders say that despite the identification of a large number of tourist destinations in Palpa, which has ten local levels, not enough tourists have come here. Various palaces associated with history are also hidden in Palpa. The current museum in the district headquarters, Palpa Durbar, is a place that people will look for as soon as they come to Tansen.

It was built in 1969 by Western Commander General Pratap Shamsher. The palace, formerly used for administrative work, was rebuilt after the then rebel party, the Maoists, demolished it during the conflict. The Shitalpati main gate, made of the largest wood in Asia, Ranighat and Rani Mahal, located about 13 km north of Tansen, are beautiful places that everyone loves. The confluence of Palpa and Gulmi in the west is also mentioned in the Mahabharata.

Palpa-Notes Nepal

There is a dense crocodile colony and different tribes have their own different cultural identities. Folk tunes and cultural performances of Salaijo, Sorathi, Maruni, Sarayanach, Balun, Khayali, Malshri etc. have preserved the originality of the place. Raju Maharjan, president of the Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI), said, “It is really beautiful. We have not been able to attract as many tourists as we wanted. Although it is possible to reach Pokhara via Rampur by observing the area, not many tourists have been able to come.

There are many places to visit and see in Palpa, Rurukshetra, one of the four shrines, Rani Mahal known as the Taj Mahal of Nepal, Asia’s tallest trident, and many other places worth visiting.” With the promotion of Palpa’s tourist destination, a significant number of tourists will enter the tourism year 2020.

Tourists going to Pokhara stay in Palpa but do not know where to go, ‘added Maharjan, president of the Palpa Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He said that many tourist destinations have been overshadowed due to lack of terrain and lack of road facilities. “Our religious and historical sites have also been overshadowed due to lack of airport and access to Palpa and lack of publicity.

The historic Ram Cave has a lot of potential for the promotion of tourism in the Rampur region. According to the mythology, Lord Rama bathed at Ramghat on the Kaligandaki river in Rampur Municipality-5 when he went into exile in the Tretayuga. There is a legend that Lord Rama bathed in Ramghat in a cave near the same ghat. This cave has been known as Ramgufa since time immemorial.

This cave has a lot of potential in the tourist area of ​​Rampur Municipality, but the concerned bodies have not been able to pay attention to its protection, development and promotion so far. Inside this cave are conch shells and various deities. Due to lack of protection of the cave which is spread over a length of about 50 meters, Chamera has been making it a habitat here.

Due to the lack of publicity about the cave where Lord Rama performed penance, its religious and tourist significance is being overshadowed. Due to this, some people even call it Chamere Cave instead of Ram Cave. The locals are ignorant about the cave. Water sources are also found in abundance inside this cave.

Palpa-Notes Nepal

According to local Buddhi Prakash Regmi, the importance of the cave has been overshadowed due to lack of support for the conservation of the cave. He said that he will now move towards cave protection by seeking help from Rampur Municipality. Even if the road leading to the cave, the area around the cave is cleaned, the outer part of the land covered by the cave is fenced, the construction of Lord Rama’s temple inside the cave is done immediately, the tourist traffic is likely to increase. So far, the number of visitors to the cave has been very low.

Ramgufa is a strong backbone for tourism development in Rampur. Due to the inability of its tourism promotion to gain momentum, it is being overshadowed by the tourists. Even though there is no good road to reach here, there is not much interest in knowing about the caves. Hundreds of tourists are expected to visit the cave every day if the physical infrastructure of the cave is developed.


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