Mahabir Pun : One of the Greatest and Noble man in Nepal

Mahabir Pun was born in Myagdi District of Nepal in  January 22, 1955. After completing his higher secondary education, Pun taught in 4 schools for 12 years. In 1989, Pun graduated with a master’s degree in science from the University of Nebraska. Returning to his hometown of Nangi 24 years after graduation, he felt the need for sustainable education. He started with the establishment of Himachal U, Ma, V. Keeping in mind computer education and increasing income sources, he continued his program to lead the country towards the light of development.


Mahabir Pun
Mahabir Pun

Social work

2001 marked the golden age of Mahabir Pun’s life when the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) unveiled an ambitious plan to bring Internet access to his village. With this support from the BBC, various donors from Europe and the United States provided financial support to Pun. With that help, he was able to operate wireless internet in the villages around Nangi and Ramche.

Rastriya Abhiskar Kendra
Mahabir Pun

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Again, the Internet Hall of Fame, the Comprehensive Social Innovation Award, the Nobel Prize in Asia, the Roman Magsaysay Award are some of the most prestigious maps of the nation.

National Innovation Center

Pun founded the non-profit National Innovation Center in 2012 with the aim of exploring and discovering the potential of the country through information and technology. Pun repeatedly knocked on the door of the Nepalese government as huge financial support would be needed to materialize such a massive plan.

Mahabir Pun
Mahabir Pun

In the last four years, five governments have returned but no one has helped them. Therefore, nowadays we can see Pun in the program of collecting support among the people. Fortunately, this confused and confused government has turned its back on the Nepalese people in the country and abroad who have been supporting Pun with great enthusiasm.

All interested listeners interested in learning more about the National Innovation Center can log on to the National Innovation Center’s website at You can see the account of the amount collected till today on the website. You can also follow Mahabir Pun by searching @mahabirpun on twitter.

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