Incense Stick : Is It Dangerous To Health or Beneficial ?

Incense Stick

Why is the sun burning? Maybe you haven’t figured it out. I just think I should burn incense. So you burn incense during morning and evening worship. Incense stick  should be burned in the temple.

Why are we burning incense stick?  Ask yourself a question. To make God happy? Or to complete the ritual of worship? Let’s look at the worship room of the house, let’s go to the temple, we can see a handful of incense burning. Can God be pleased by burning incense? Or is there any other benefit?

Incense Stick

It is especially beneficial to burn incense. However, the incense we use now, that is, the prepared incense, is not beneficial. Not only is it beneficial, it is also harmful. It is said that burning fragrant incense in preparation is more deadly than smoking cigarettes. This is especially true of lung problems.

What kind of Incense Stick ?

In fact, burning incense has meaning and significance. However, such incense must be made from the leaves and bark of the plant. In the high-lying region, there are a number of plants including angular vegetation, incense, which has a natural fragrance. Also medicinal properties. The leaves of such plants are burned in the fire.

The smoke from it is said to benefit both the environment and health. This type of incense is used to kill contaminants in the atmosphere. This is the method of purifying the air. It is believed that burning incense in the house in the morning destroys harmful bacteria and purifies the air.

Incense Stick


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The sun also affects the body, especially the nervous system. Natural plant sunlight affects our nervous system. Aroma therapy is one form of this. This fragrant treatment is centuries old. Even now, its popularity is the same. In ancient times, oils from trees and leaves were used to scent, massage, and steam. This is why it is called aroma therapy today. It benefits physically and mentally.

Natural sunshine of plants

Cinnamon incense, which is the type of incense that is available in the market, is not useful. Burning such incense does not fulfill one’s desires. God is not happy. Instead, it harms your health. More than that, it affects the environment. So if you want to burn incense, it is useful to burn incense of plants, which is naturally prepared. A recent study compared the smoke of prepared incense to that of cigarette smoke.

Research has shown that cigarette smoke is more toxic. Prolonged exposure to this type of smoke or regular sun exposure changes something in our body’s DNA, which can lead to cancer.

Incense Stick
Incense Stick

What is the effect of incense stick?

1. The risk of asthma increases. Incense smoke affects the lungs just as much as cigarettes.

2. If you stay in a sunny place for a long time or regularly, it can cause skin infections.

3. Incense smoke affects the nerves connected to the brain. It can also cause headaches.

4. Many brands of agarbatti contain high levels of iron, magnesium and lead. The function of our kidneys is to flush out toxins from the body through urine. Toxins that enter through the smoke make the kidneys heavier.

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