Sukepokhari Fascinating Tourists .Gurans Blooming All Over Forest Of Sukepokhari Area


Sukepokhari on the border of Ilam and Panchthar has started attracting tourists. Tourists who like to travel on the occasion of festivals have started coming to this area for home stay and trekking.

The rural environment and original dishes have fascinated the tourists. For the tourists, the locals have been serving local chicken, khasi, goat meat, cel roti, local kodo dhido, potato, radish, carrot, maize, soybean, corn and other dishes. Since the Home Stay came into operation, this place has managed to leave an indelible mark among those who want to enjoy the rural environment here.

Domestic and foreign tourists come here for a leisurely stroll in the enchanting environment. Homestays here have been providing cheap and quality accommodation to tourists with a family atmosphere. According to Home Stay operator Sandesh Rai, a significant number of tourists have come to Home Stay despite the lack of facilities due to the family environment.

Sukepokhari-Notes Nepal

Whether it is during leisure time or during the festive season, long distance trekking and homestay are the choice of those who go for a walk. Cold weather and the taste of local cuisine have brought unprecedented communication of excitement to the tourists.

Tourists who go trekking from Sukepokhari in the morning can travel to Bagkhor of Ilam Municipality-1 in four hours by observing the herbs and various plants found in the Lekali area. After traveling through Ranke Bazaar on the border of Ilam and Panchthar to Pauwa Bhanjyang of Panchthar on the Kalopatre road, one can travel another five kilometers on a dirt road to reach Sukepokhari. If the government invests in infrastructure development in this area to attract internal and external tourists for trekking, it seems that sustainable income can be earned.

The dry pond area is seen at night with various species of gurans blooming. When you reach the dry pond area where Gurans are blooming, you feel like you have reached heaven. The dry pond area, which seems to be overflowing, has become deserted at this time. The tourist destination Sukhepokhari Sunsa has not been built at this time due to two consecutive floods in the country.

According to the locals, even the locals feel deserted when there are not enough tourists to see the Gurans garden which is full of flowers.
Manoj Rai, a local, said that a week-long fair is being held in Sukepokharari area as the New Year is approaching. He said that this time the mail was postponed due to lockdown. Rai remembers tourists coming from far and wide to see Gurans at the week-long fair.

“Last year, there were people all over the forest. We used to enjoy seeing new people, but now it is deserted.” Faizman Rai, who was found in Sukepokhari, was remembering the past. According to Rai, the houses in the dry pond are full during the Gurans season. This year, Guran has blossomed more than the previous year, but no tourists have come. “While the corona affected everyone, it had a good effect here as well,” he said.

Sukepokhari-Notes Nepal

According to the locals, tourists from different places enjoy the Gurans of Sukepokhari during the week. According to the locals, you can also see the sunrise in the morning from Lohakil in Sukepori area. Locals say that the business is booming due to the domestic tourists enjoying Gurans in this place which is close to Mechi Highway from the district headquarters Fidim.

A variety of local chicken dishes, various dishes made from tree bark and locally made Wachippa are the food items of Sukhepokhari. Dishes made from various tree trunks have fascinated everyone. According to the locals, there was a good trade in the fair held during the Gurans season. It is said that 31 species of Gurans are found in the districts of Province 1.


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