Hasina Simsar Area Tourist Destination Is Becoming More Beautiful

Hasina simsar

Hasina Simsar : The crowd of visitors has started to increase after various sculptures were placed in the Hasina wetland in Sundaraharaicha Municipality-5 of Morang. Hasina, which has been in operation since 2068 BS, has recently become the choice of many.

The wetland, which came into operation with the slogan ‘Let’s return to nature’, has sculptures of dinosaurs, scarecrows, earth, snakes, crocodiles etc.

Hasina Simsar, located in Morang’s Sundaraharaincha Municipality, has attracted many tourists. This is the time to eat forest food. People are coming daily to enjoy and entertain Hasina’s natural beauty. A short distance east of Itahari Municipality of Sunsari comes Baliya Chowk. Bansbari Chowk is a little east of Baliya.

Hasina simsar -Notes Nepal
Hasina simsar

About 4 km north of here, Hasina wetland area can be reached. Hasina is stuck with wet four-cornered bush. There is a rural environment. The natural wetland pond here has also been conserved with the efforts of the municipality. The natural flow of water has been managed by building dams.A well-organized place has been built for those who eat forest food in the natural thumkis.

There is electricity. Chapakals are buried for water. There is also a boat in the nearby pond. Those who go to Bihar by daily ferry are very tired. According to Shiva Prasad Dhakal, chief of Sundaraharaincha municipality, the municipality has developed the area as a tourist destination.

“We have also built physical infrastructure that does not affect the nature but is attractive to tourists,” said Dhakal. He said that 20 million budget has been allocated. Deer and rabbits have been protected in the Simasar area. The municipality has started work to build a park and shed. Apart from this, the view of the nearby village from Thumki is very captivating

According to Vimal Dahal, a resident of the wetland area, the number of people coming for sightseeing, picnicking and enjoying nature has increased after the attractive idols were made. According to the Wetland Conservation Committee, visitors come from the Eastern Terai districts like Morang, Sunsari and Jhapa as well as the bordering Indian states of Bihar and West Bengal.

Hasina simsar -Notes Nepal
Hasina simsar

Hasina wetland is 5 km north of Bansbari Bazaar on the East-West Highway. The wetland area is spread over an area of ​​49 hectares. Chairman of Simsar Parshuram Ghimire said that around 300 visitors come to Hasina daily as it is crowded with domestic tourists.

Ghimire says there are crowds of people coming to the wetland for boating, picnicking, walking and enjoying nature. He says, “Hasina has become a suitable destination for many due to the wetland along the highway.”

The locals of Hasina wetland argue that the wetland is original and separate from the others due to its high slope and constantly rising water and flowing river.

Hasina simsar

Religious areas like Buddha Bihar, Buddha Pokhari, Budhasubba Temple, Nag Pokhari, Sakela Than, Shivalaya Temple etc. have also been constructed in the wetland area. Therefore, it is becoming a center of attraction for religious visitors, say the officials of the wetland committee.

Chairman of the wetland area Parshuram Ghimire says that the Hasina wetland, which is open from 7 am to 5 pm, is more crowded than the locals.

Mini zoo, various artefacts and six small ponds have also added to Hasina’s charm.

Ghimire informed that the wetland committee is preparing for the special trade fair on the wetland day on January 4. He said that the road coming from the highway should be fully paved to increase the number of tourists in Hasina. Currently, only 1,100 meters of road has been paved due to wetland initiative. Stating that a big budget is needed to pitch all the roads, he hoped for the cooperation and coordination of all.

It costs Rs 25 to enter the famous Hasina wetland in North Morang. Picnic venues range from Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 depending on the location. The boating fee is Rs 25 per person per hour.

The Hasina wetland area has been developing rapidly recently. Chairman of the Wetland Conservation Committee Ghanshyam Neupane said that the aim is to develop Hasina wetland area as the No. 1 tourist destination in the state. Chairman Neupane said, “We are working to develop this wetland area as a model tourist destination in the eastern region.”


Hasina simsar -Notes Nepal
Hasina simsar

The wetland area, which is the source of the spring water that flows for 12 months, is spread over an area of ​​about 50 hectares. The place is home to temples of various deities, flora, fauna, and birds, and is not only a tourist destination but also useful for picnics, study, research and observation.

For some years now, the Nepal Tourism Board has been developing the region as an attractive destination by allocating budget. The Nepal Tourism Board and the District Coordinating Committee have provided Rs.

Chairman Neupane said that preparations are being made to operate a big Buddha statue in the eastern region and a boat in the pond of the region. Paras Poudel, a local, says that the attractive entrance, the symbol of various artistic peace, the dove statue, the world map statue, the Buddha statue, the snake statue in Nagpokhari attracts the attention of anyone who arrives there.


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