Kumbh Mela : Its History ,Significance And Festival

Kumbh Mela

Kumbh Mela : The Prayagraj Kumbha Mela which is considered as the largest Kumbha Mella  in the world, has started. The 49-day Aquarius Fair has started in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India.

The first royal bath of Kumbh Mela started on Tuesday morning. With this, the fair has officially started. The fair will end on March 4. There will be royal baths in the eight main festivals in between.

All the educational institutions in Prayagraj have been closed for three days due to the royal bath. It is estimated that about 120 million people will participate in this year’s 49-day Aquarius Fair. It is estimated that there will be more than one million foreign nationals coming in this way.

Kumbh Mela -Notes Nepal
Kumbh Mela

The Uttar Pradesh government has said that this year’s Kumbh Mela is still grand. The universe is believed to have originated in Prayagraj, where the Aquarius Fair is held, and is also considered to be the center of the earth.

It is also believed that Lord Brahmaji performed Ashwamegh Yajna in this place before the creation. The fairgrounds are spread over 45 square kilometers this year. Earlier, an area of ​​20 square kilometers was allocated for the fair.

Hindus have been celebrating Aquarius for 12 years and Ardh Aquarius for 6 years. The 2019 Ardh Kumbh is starting in Allahabad, India. According to Hindu tradition, a large number of Hindus bathe in the Aquarius as they receive nectar while bathing. Saints and devotees from all over the world who believe in Hinduism have gathered in Allahabad to bathe in the Ardh Kumbh for a month and a half. The confluence of the Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati rivers in Allahabad, organized by the Akhada Council of India, is crowded with people bathing in Tribeni. There is even a belief that one can be saved by bathing in the Aquarius and giving tarpan to one’s father. It is estimated that 100,000 saints and 100 million devotees will bathe in the Ardha Kumbh Mela in six years. Aquarius is of great importance in the presence of the four pillars of the earth.

According to the Acharyas, the Ardha Kumbha will end with three baths with great austerities by Naga, Sanyasi and Sadhu saints for a month and a half.

Devghat, Barahkshetra, Ridi, Panauti, Dolalghat, Kankai and other rivers and ghats of Nepal also have large crowds of people bathing, giving alms, etc. In Bhavishyapurana, Vishnuvachan and Dharmasindhu, it is mentioned that if you take a bath on this day and donate ghee, knife, sesame laddu, vegetables, yam, clothes, water jug ​​and makal, you will get special fruits. In this festival of eating sweets, dressing well and listening well, Guru, Purohit and Brahmin Aa (go to their hosts and recite the month).

Prithvi Joshi, who had come from Narayanghat to visit Ardhakumbh Mela, saw him walking like a ship on the Koshi River. While bathing in Aquarius at Chatara on Wednesday, he saw a ship sailing north to Koshi. Seeing only a wooden boat floating in the river, 21-year-old Joshi hurried to board the boat.

“Even though there is talk of a ship in the news, I have never seen a ship jumping in the water like this,” said Joshi. He also took a bath in Koshi for the first time. And for the first time, I was able to board a ship. ‘

Not only Joshi but his team of 30 people except 45-year-old Narayan Chaudhary rarely saw a jet boat. Chaudhary, on the other hand, said that he had boarded the ship several times in connection with foreign employment. Apart from Chaudhary, other members of the group were looking forward to boarding the ship.

Seeing the ship for the first time, the team including Joshi went to the ship with information about where to contact to board the ship. Out of a team of 30, a team of 10 people went to the ship to buy a ticket.

Not only the team from Narayanghat but most of the people who come to the Kumbh Mela in Chatara are attracted by the jet boat. According to local Vijay Rai, it is like ‘Aquarius of Saptakoshi, sailor of a ship’. Many people who come to bathe in the Aquarius have been asking where to board the ship.

Kumbh Mela -Notes Nepal
Kumbh Mela

According to Bimal Man Shrestha, operator of Barakhshetra Water Transport Authority, the number of people boarding the jet boat is increasing as it is a new experience for most of the people who come to bathe in the Aquarius. According to him, the number of people bathing in the Aquarius and boarding the jet boat is also gradually increasing.

“The water situation in Koshi is also good. Due to the Kumbh Mela and the national debate and publicity, the number of people coming to board the jet boat is also increasing,” said Shrestha.

It costs a minimum of Rs 200 and a maximum of Rs 400 to board a jet boat. Jet boats have made an impact in both water transportation and tourism. The jet boat has provided transportation facility to the locals of Bhojpur and Dhankuta hilly districts and also provided tourist entertainment to those coming from outside the area.

Bam Bahadur Rai of Bhojpur says that he was greatly relieved by the water transport as it was not possible to get there by car. Jet boats have become convenient for hill dwellers as they require huge investment in time and resources by land. According to Shrestha, the number of jet boat riders is large in terms of tourism. In terms of transportation, the jet boat reaches Halede in Bhojpur.


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