Halesi Mahadev : The Pashupatinath of The East

Halesi Mahadev


Halesi Mahadev in Province-1 is known as Pashupatinath of Eastern Nepal. Halesi is a major destination for religious tourism. The Halesi Temple is located at an altitude of 4,736 feet above sea level.

The natural topography of Halesi Cave is also considered unique in the world. Halesi Mahadev is considered by Hindus as the Pashupati of the East, by Buddhists as the second Lumbini or Maratik cave, and by the Kirant religion as the primitive role.

Halesi Mahadev
Halesi Mahadev

Halesi is located in the lap of evergreen hills like Guranse, Tuvachung Jayjum, Malathumki and Rupakot Danda. There are three important caves of Mahadev (Shiva), Basah and Bhairav, especially in the dazzling Halesi Dham, which is full of beautiful natural beauty and has various unique and attractive natural shapes.

Triveni Religious Site Halesi Mahadev

Halesidham, the confluence of Kirat, Hindu and Buddhist religions, is one of the many pilgrimage and tourist sites in Nepal. According to Hindu mythology, in the Satya Yuga, when Mahadev Bhang-Dhatura was intoxicated and semi-conscious, a demon named Bhasmasura asked for the gift of ‘Whoever I put my hand on his head should be burnt to ashes’.

In Bhang, even the lazy Mahadev gave the gift of ‘Tathastu’ without thinking. However, after receiving the gift, Bhasmasura tried to put his hand on Mahadev’s head. Fearing for his life, Mahadev broke through this hill of Halesi and entered the rock. There is a legend that he disappeared.


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According to Buddhism, this land is the holy land where great Buddhist Guru Padmasambhava attained enlightenment hundreds of years ago through years of penance. Buddhists have considered this cave to be a sacred place called Maratik Cave.

In ancient times, the ancestors of the Kirats, Khokchilippa, Raichakule and Hechchakuppa, are mentioned in the legend of living in the Halesi cave. Every year, Kiratis from Khotang, Bhojpur, Udaipur, Okhaldhunga and Solukhambu gather to worship their father on the occasion of Kirat festival.


Halesi Mahadev


Such is Religious Belief of Halesi Mahadev

There is a belief that if you visit Halesi Mahadev, you will get rid of drought, get rid of misery, gain children, be promoted and be healthy. There is a classical belief that Lord Vishnu came to this place from Kailash in the form of a charm to save Mahadev from the ashes.

Mohani had deceived and destroyed the monster. Whose remains are believed to be in the Bhairav ​​cave. Hence it is also called Bhasmasur Cave. Pilgrims and tourists from different countries also come to Halesi where Ram Navami, Bala Chaturdashi, Shivaratri and Teej are held four times a year. It has been believed that worshiping Halesi Mahadev will fulfill one’s aspirations.


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