Itahari to Manali :The Best Tour You Can Ever Experience

Itahari to Manali

Itahari to Manali :The more tourists, the more the natural resources of the country were wasted. The evening sun was probably saying goodbye to us. The weather may have helped Obano to say goodbye. There was no obstruction, no rain cloud, no impulse of storm. The weather in September or October is so beautiful, so it is said that it is a sunny weather like Dashain.

Our group of 9 reserved seats were on three sides. Not only ours but also the seats of other groups were lying like that, scattered on three sides. But the Simanchal train was reserved by Nepali passengers and only Nepali passengers were seen everywhere. There were some familiar faces from Itahari. Itahari to Manali

The main reason for the large number of Nepali pilgrims was the devotees going to Haridwar to attend the happy marriage of the youngest son of the Guru of Manavdharma, while some were pilgrims going to various places including Brindavan. Let’s say our travel guide or guardian was Roshan Chaudhary Dai. Itahari to Manali

Itahari to Manali - Notes Nepal
Itahari to Manali

We were amazed at how easily my brother, who had traveled by train many times, had cleverly arranged our seats in one place. Not only us but also other Nepalis bargaining for seats were surprised and asked us not to get our seats. For a while, Dai became the Titi of the train. Someone in the middle of us told me not to get my seat. The cabin was filled with laughter for a while.

Surprisingly, the train picked up speed and left Jogbani station. Houses, trees, electricity poles all started leaking along the railway tracks. We ate some of the food we had brought from home on the train and slept in our seats. In the morning, we all ordered train food and ate it. Some started using mobile phones, some started talking, but I got lost in the collection of stories.Itahari to Manali

When the train reached Mirzapur, there was a water shortage in the cabin. Roshan Daile quenched his thirst by swallowing three or four bottles of bottled water. Until then, there was no one to sell water on the train. While boarding the train in the evening, everyone in the group was worried about not being able to get a seat in the same cabin and did not want to buy enough water to handle their luggage. At 10:30 pm on October 10, the train reached Anand Vihar and rested.

At 12 o’clock at night, the taxi stopped in front of Hotel Orizing in Pahargunj. After unloading, taking a bath, eating at 1 o’clock, and eating at 1 o’clock, I finally went to bed at 2 o’clock at night, but I could not sleep because I was worried that I would die of suffocation due to lack of oxygen. When I woke up in the morning, my head was aching.

Not only me but Vimala’s brother-in-law and Deviji also said that they have a headache. Instead of getting a headache, I decided to take gastric medicine and clear the pain. After everyone took pentaprazole one by one, we took acetaminophen one by one and after a while we felt dizzy. Itahari to Manali

Itahari to Manali - Notes Nepal
Itahari to Manali

After that, we went out to look for a mobile recharge shop in the streets of Pahargunj, scattering the morning sun through the shoulders of the skyscrapers of New Delhi. But all but one or two sweets and tea shops were closed. The shops will be open only after 10 o’clock. Garbage fair was plentiful in the streets and alleys of the market. I am often heartbroken by the growing unmanageable garbage and pollution in Nepal.

Not only me, but every citizen who wants cleanliness is burnt and he tries his best to keep the village clean and beautiful by running many campaigns. But it does not take much skill alone and the campaign is sacked and the campaigner is left stranded. In that, his own city Itahari is more worried. Seven years ago today, Sandeep Poudel, Divya Raj Gurung, Nirmala Chaudhary, Mandira Bhattarai, Niranjan Khadka and other social activists started a campaign called ‘Clip Itahari Clean’ to clean up hundreds of tons of garbage in Itahari. Itahari to Manali

After months of this campaign, Itahari Bazaar was established as a clean city in the year 2071 BS. But this campaign was not as successful as we thought because it did not get the full support of the municipality and the city dwellers. But we are still trying to make our city clean, tidy and green. The dialogue group Sunsari is harassing the government and the people of the city now. Don’t know when to wake up with overall Itahari cleanliness?

Seeing the chaotic garbage of Delhi, a question arose in my mind. Are there any people here who are concerned about the environment? Maybe they too have been left stranded and polluted without the help and support of the concerned bodies and city dwellers like us.
Apart from some VIP areas, tourist spots, religious places, slums along the railways, garbage dumps in various parts of Delhi, sewage stench, it seems that India has failed in waste management and environmental awareness. There is less garbage in South India. In fact, mental and physical hygiene from the environment is the need of every human being today. Itahari to Manali

A mobile recharge shop was not found even after searching the dirt streets of Pahargunj. Our desire to be able to inform at home that we have reached here even after 2 days of leaving the house immediately vanished. Shops started opening at 10 am. At 11 o’clock, as many people as there were Indian SIMs were able to recharge their mobiles.

A group from Kathmandu was staying at Hotel Om in Pahargunj with our team. At around 11:30 in the morning, everyone gathered and had tea and left Delhi for a while to get lost in the beauty of Manali.
The lunch on October 11 was held at around 3 pm at the huge, clean and well-organized Shiva Dhawa in Murdal, Haryana. About 150 taxis were parked in the area for lunch. The toilets at our country’s international airport were much larger, better organized, cleaner and more modern. Let’s not talk about other facilities.

The management of such state-of-the-art raids, including mini-markets opened on various highways in India, is truly commendable. The touch of the golden rays of the evening sun made the crops of Haryana look like a bed of gold, while the greenery seen from the road also fascinated the travelers. At the same time, Haryana is considered to be one of the fastest growing states in India and Haryana has its own cultural, religious and historical significance.

Kurukshetra, which was the site of the Mahabharata war in ancient times, belongs to Haryana. But as it was not included in our travel package, the joy of the trip to Haryana was saved for the next time. We were not stopped overnight in a hurry to enjoy the beauty of Manali. The car kept on running without stopping due to sleeplessness and embarrassment. Our minds raced faster than the wheels of the car driven by driver Ramu. Itahari to Manali

After an overnight journey, the vehicle stopped at Hill View Lajner in New Manali at around 6.30 am. There are 5-7 lodges of the same Sahuji only in New Manali. The bungalow type three-bedroom flat with kitchen, sitting room and dining hall cost Rs 4,000 per night. In terms of convenience and decoration, we felt like we got it for free as compared to Shimla and Delhi. Everyone was happy. We all put our luggage in the room and got fresh tea and ready to go to Rohtang.

The last train station to Manali is Chandigarh. Buses will be available from Delhi at rates ranging from Rs 900 to Rs 1,950. After a journey of about 12 to 14 hours from Delhi, the soil of Manali can be found. Manali is a beautiful hill town in Kullu district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Manali is rich in various mythological heritages associated with the Mahabharata war since its inception.

Located at an altitude of 1,950 meters above sea level, Manali is at a distance of 550 kilometers from Delhi. Rohtang is 55 kilometers north of Manali. Rohtang is a major tourist destination in Manali. The mountain ranges of Manali captivate the minds of any nature lover. It seems that Rohtang is inviting guests and tourists by laying silver sheets in the beautiful silver gardens of Bare. Rohtang is a beautiful mountain valley with snowfall and extreme cold from January to March.

Of course, many of the hilly and mountainous districts in the north of our country are no less beautiful than Manali. If the government wants to take a look at such beautiful places of our country as it did in Manali and to have transportation facilities and take initiative in tourism development, then there is a mine of natural beauty in Nepal that surpasses Manali. If the Khaptad region, Rara, Karnali, Khumbu region, Makalu Himal, Varun Valley and Kimathangka Manali were to be developed, these hilly and mountainous landscapes would be able to attract millions of foreign and domestic currencies and tourists.  Itahari to Manali

Apart from trekking and mountaineering, there are many other tourist destinations in Solukhumbu, Sankhuwasabha, Annapurna base camp and other places. In order to attract foreign tourists. For example, religious sites like Varun Bath, Varun National Park, Rara Lake, Sofoksundo Lake, National Park, Mountaineering, Paragliding, Jeepline, Ropeway, Culture Philosophy, Horse Riding, Yachting etc.

Similarly, there are many places in the Midwest and Far West that have great potential for tourism. It is not that there have not been decisions to formulate and implement important plans at different times. It is unfortunate for our country that the policies, rules and plans made from time to time for the development of those tourism sectors have not been implemented. The locals could not have gone far to earn crores of rupees if the government could only provide transport facilities for tourism and give importance to its features, emphasize on publicity and encourage local and private sector with international promotion. Thousands of young people would not have to sweat in the 48-degree heat of the Gulf to quench their hunger, and millions would not have to flee abroad to seek opportunities. Itahari to Manali

Manali is a land of rice. Looking at the lands here from afar, I do not see any crops or crops. Probably blessed is the place where millions of people are not hungry even if they do not grow a single grain. They are full and prosperous with the income earned from tourism. The hills were so beautiful, the green cedar trees, the hilly streams in some places, the waterfalls enchanted even more. There were lorries of white taxis along the way. About five kilometers north of Manali, the vehicle stopped at a small market.

From there we had to take taxis to Rohtang. Also, you have to pay the fee in advance for the games you want to enjoy. They also chose to wear snow clothes. We all starved like mountaineers. The seat that used to be easily occupied by 3 people is now occupied and only 2 people can be easily accommodated in the seat of 3 people. After reaching Mastir, we enjoyed the jeepline in the river.

I wondered how much fun it would be to have such an exciting sport and entertainment in the many beautiful rivers and canals that flow through our country. The more we went to Mastir, the more tourists came. I was fascinated by the natural beauty and heritage that was being wasted in my country as much as I could find tourists. As we crossed the winding road of the mountain, we were captivated by the breathtaking views of the mountains.

After reaching the very top, cottage type hotel shops were found like small tar. There was a similar influx of tourists. We all had a ‘heavy breakfast’ in the morning and got up. After crossing many turns and detours and covering a distance of 55 km, we reached Rohtang.
Oops! It was as if I had reached another world. For a while, I just stared at the beautiful mountain ranges. Passing about 200 white taxis lined up across the road, our taxi sped forward, and we felt as if we were being greeted by a vast expanse of snow-covered glaciers and marvelous glaciers. I felt like shouting for joy. He hurried from the taxi to Orlina to play wrestling in the snow. When the head and hands got cold due to the cold mountain wind, he regained consciousness and lost his hat and gloves. Itahari to Manali

After buying gloves and hats one by one while selling goods by moving them, I lay on the snow bed for a while and looked at the sky. The cold yoghurt and mango pickle eaten at Shiva Dhawa in Haryana the previous evening had clogged not only the throat but also the chest. So maybe the breath was short every now and then.

Itahari to Manali - Notes Nepal
Itahari to Manali

On top of that, let’s not talk about the cold of the mountain air. But regardless of that, playing with snow was the first separate entertainment of my life. After playing in the snow for a long time, we started descending again.
The next morning, we descended through the Hidimba Temple, which has ancient and religious significance in Manali. We left the main and important tours of Manali, which can be completed in at least 5 days, due to lack of time, and left for Simla two days later. Itahari to Manali

This was the experience of visiting India. May Nepal Tourism Year 2020 provide millions of minds and me with the inspiration to write beautiful memories and experiences of Nepal visit. On the condition of presenting the Simla Diary later, let’s be optimistic about the Nepal Tourism Year 2020 and let all Nepalis continue their efforts to make it a success from their region and place, and push the government and ourselves to make the plan to attract 2 million tourists a success.

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