Garud Puran : The Importance Of Garun Puran on Life and Philosophy

One of the 18 Puranas, Garud Puran, has a chapter on ethics called Nitisar. This chapter explains the policies that make life happy and successful. People who follow this policy have happiness and peace in their lives. In this Puruna, 6 such things are mentioned, which are useful and conceivable. What are the three 6 things?

Garud Puran

Maintain patience in every situation : Garud Puran

Permanent success in any endeavor is achieved only when patience is maintained till the last moment. The more impatient we are, the more likely we are to fail. Always be patient, whether the situation is good or bad.

Controlling anger : Garud Puran

Anger affects a person’s ability to think and understand. Peace cannot be maintained in the life and home of an angry person. Where there is unrest, there is poverty. It is important to chant and meditate to control anger. If anger can be controlled, bad things can be done.

Hindu Veda
Garud Puran

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To take care of the purity of thought and body :Garud Puran

We should never think badly of another person. The purity of thought must be maintained. Those who meditate on the purity of mind and body also receive the grace of the gods. Purity of mind comes from good thoughts and purity of body comes from cleanliness.

Helping people in trouble

We have to have compassion for the poor and the needy. From time to time you should help such people according to your ability. God’s special grace is also in the person who gives.

Garud Puran
Garud Puran

Speak sweet words

We should always use sweet words whether it is home, family or society. You should never do things that hurt others, knowingly or unknowingly.

Don’t oppose a friend

Never oppose your well-wishers and friends. With the help of friends, bad situations can be overcome. It is important to maintain good relationships with friends.

Hindu Veda
Garud Puran

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