Damodar Kund To Trivenidham : Take A 10 Minute Walk From Damodar Kund To Trivenidham

Damodar Kund To Trivenidham

Damodar Kund To Trivenidham : An underground museum built in an attractive style at Kundulephedi in Baglung Municipality-4 has become the first choice of both tourists and devotees. Due to its proximity to the district headquarters and its importance in terms of religion and tourism, the attraction towards the Shaligram Museum has been increasing significantly.

The museum has been constructed in a way to attract the attention of the people by constructing a tunnel underground for conservation after the Shaligram, which is found only in the Kaligandaki river, gradually started disappearing. What is interesting and historical about it is that many people still do not know and should be informed, that is, the subject should be done. Damodar Kund To Trivenidham

Damodar Kund To Trivenidham-Notes Nepal
Damodar Kund To Trivenidham

There is also a facility to enjoy the scenery from Damodar Kund, the holy shrine of Mustang, to Trivenidham, Nawalpur. Anyone who comes to visit Shaligram is attracted by the religious specimen from Trivenidham to Damodar Kunda, which is 50 meters long. Within the museum, the religious and natural civilizations around the river Kaligandaki from Damodar Kund, the source of Kaligandaki, to Triveni have been accurately depicted. Damodar Kund To Trivenidham

Swami Rishi Prapannacharya, president of the Shaligram Museum, said that the structure has been constructed in an attractive style and way of thinking so that the journey from Trivenidham to Damodar Kunda can be visited in a short time. “It is not easy and possible for everyone to go around the Krishna Gandaki section,” said Swami Prapannacharya. Civilization has been brought down, this is what you can do for the attainment of religion.

” According to Prapannacharya, the Krishna Gandaki section depicts the pilgrimage site, civilization from Trivenidham in Nawalpur to Damodar Kund in Mustang. The Krishna Gandaki section includes Trivenidham, Devghat Dham, Kodadighat, Ramdi, Siddha Cave, Uttarayani Malunga, Ridhi, Rudraveni, Setiveni, Modiveni, Gupteswar Cave, Sahasradhara, Baglung Kalika, Panchkotdham, Galeshwar Dham, Kagweni, Muktinath and Damo. Damodar Kund To Trivenidham

At the same time, the craftsmanship, civilization and art of the shrines around Krishna Gandaki are also shown. Prapannacharya claims that religious tourists and devotees will experience Krishna Gandaki and the holy land. The newly constructed museum at a cost of Rs. 60 million will also have meditation room, documentary exhibition room, Muktinath temple and other structures.

The Shaligram Museum, built underground, is the first of its kind in the country. According to the locals, the Shaligram Museum has started to be visited at this time when the Nepal Tourism Year 2020 has started. Swami Sridharacharya Shaligram Museum has been constructed in the premises of Rangbaiketswar Muktinarayan Temple at Tirupati Balajidham. Damodar Kund To Trivenidham

About one million shaligrams have been stored inside the 76-meter-long tunnel. At present, there is a large presence of domestic tourists to see the Shaligram Museum. Currently, Indian tourists visiting various places in Parbat, Myagdi and Baglung and Muktinath have started visiting the museum.

The temple had been collecting Shaligram for 14 years as it was disappearing due to lack of protection. “There is a museum within the 76-meter tunnel in four sections of the trident shape, which is considered to be Shivaji’s favorite weapon,” said Swami Prapannacharya. Damodar Kund To Trivenidham


It is expected to play an important role in attracting a large number of Indian pilgrims to Muktinath in particular. In the premises where the museum has been constructed, one can also visit the Vedavidyashram, the hut and the Rangbaketeshwar temple, which has been built in attractive decoration and style of historical significance. Damodar Kund To Trivenidham

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