Marriage Culture in Nepal : Why do Women Has to Go Men’s Home ??

Marriage Culture in Nepal

Marriage Culture in Nepal, It has been a tradition for centuries that the bride should go to the groom’s house after the wedding. That is, you have to leave your birthplace and go to another house. Why not? Often we do not dwell on this issue. We have understood, assimilated, accepted that the bride should go to a foreign house after marriage. Why is such a tradition established?

This is a centuries old tradition. This is true of all religions around the world. But, why such a tradition? Why doesn’t the bridegroom leave his house after the wedding and go to the bride’s house?


Marriage Culture in Nepal
Marriage Culture in Nepal

Vedic reasons

The method of Kanyadan on the wedding day gives us the answer to this question. According to the Vedic tradition, the father not only donates his daughter to the bridegroom, but also gives his daughter to the son-in-law, who has fulfilled his responsibility.

Kanyadan method

While giving Kanyadan, the father of the bride says that he raised his daughter and raised her, fulfilling his every religion. Now my daughter is your son-in-law. Take care of it these days.

Marriage Culture in Nepal

Argument of Manu Samhita

According to the Manu Samhita, it is the religion of a husband to take full care of his wife’s every need. According to this scripture, a wife goes to her husband’s house after marriage. Then it is the husband’s responsibility to keep her happy for the rest of her life.


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The divine form of a woman

According to another Vedic fact, woman is considered to be a form of ‘goddess’. Once married, she is considered to be the goddess of her husband’s house. That is why it is believed that these goddesses should be brought along.

According to the Atharva Veda

The famous Atharva Veda in Hindu scriptures also gives the reason why the bride has to go to the groom’s house after marriage. According to this scripture, a bride is like a river for a bridegroom. A river that goes to her house like the ocean and dedicates its holiness.

Common belief

According to popular belief, after marriage, a wife’s last name changes according to her husband’s last name. She should abandon the tribe before her marriage and adopt her husband’s tribe.


Marriage Culture in Nepal
Marriage Culture in Nepal

Tribal relations

Nowadays, surname is given more importance than tribe. So girls change their surname after marriage. In addition, she immerses herself in her husband’s world.

Social dimension

Another reason for this is also linked to the social dimension. One bride looks after her family through her husband’s eyes. Now her family is the same as her husband’s. Her own family is what her next generation is made up of.


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