Hindu Temple : Reasons Behind Going To Hindu Temple

Hindu Temple

Hindu Temple, Does going to the temple and worshiping just mean pleasing God? Is it just to fulfill your desires? Why are so many temples built? Why the Cultivation of Devotion? These questions arise naturally. Going to the temple and worshiping does not mean pleasing God and fulfilling one’s desires in return. These are matters of faith. However, there are some things associated with this faith, which are also very important and indispensable for human life.

Hindu Temple
Hindu Temple


What is a Hindu Temple?

Temple means a place away from the mind. The temple also literally means house. Although usually referred to as a temple, the meanings of Devalaya, Shivalaya, Ramdwara, Gurudwara, Jinalaya, etc. are different. More importantly, the word temple in English does not mean temple. Whatever the meaning, Nepalis have strong faith in the temple.

However, the ritual of going to the temple has also changed today. There is a temple near the house, but the practice of walking from the outside with folded hands and not entering the temple has increased. The number of those who think that their duty is fulfilled after doing so is increasing. They say, there should be respect in the mind. You don’t have to go to the temple.

Of course, today’s people do not have time to go to the temple because of their busy schedule. But it is not good to build a temple and not to understand the secret behind going to the temple and the essence of spirituality. The reality is that the temple saves us from every kind of crisis. There are many benefits to going to the temple every day. What are those things like? Let’s see

Hindu Temple

Regular visits to the temple can prevent such crises:


If you go to the temple every day, you can avoid accidents in life. There is no fear of being killed. Thoughts of suicide never arise in the mind. Life goes on peacefully.

Fear of demons:

A person who regularly goes to the temple has a lot of positivity and spiritual strength in his mind. Because of this, negative energies such as ghosts, phantoms, phacas, masanas, murkutta stay away from such people. Going to the temple makes his life fearless.

Planetary Obstacles:

People who go to temples regularly are not affected by any kind of planets and constellations. Freed from planetary constraints. Half a dozen Saturn, Mars defect, Rahu’s Mahadasha, any condition can not fall hair.

Fear of getting sick or ill:

People who go to the temple regularly do not have any fear of getting any kind of disease or illness. Such people observe fasting, fasting, fasting, rules, etc. Their diet is also balanced. Therefore, such people stay away from all kinds of diseases.

Hindu Temple
Hindu Temple

Mourning or grief:

The habit of going to the temple communicates faith and self-confidence in a person, due to which there is no grief in the mind. He develops the power to live in possibility in every situation. Since every situation becomes normal for him, he never mourns.

Houses, courts, prisons:

People who go to temples regularly develop the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. He does not get involved in any kind of nonsense. As he walks on his own straight path, he does not get involved in any kind of quarrels and issues.

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Fear of Tantra, Maran, Mohan, Uchatan etc.:

A person going to the temple is not affected by the influence of demonic knowledge like Tantra, Mantra, Maran, Mohan, Uchatan performed by any enemy. No negativity can touch a person who goes to the temple with reverence for the one and only God. He does not have superstition, so no superstitious knowledge can weaken his firm mind.


A person who goes to the temple every day will never face any crisis in his life and he will not sink into debt. Even a small loan doesn’t make a difference. If you develop the ability to think before you borrow, most of the time you don’t have to borrow.


Hindu Temple


If an unemployed person starts going to the temple regularly, he will get a reliable job in a few days. A person who goes to the temple regularly never has such a problem. Such a person does not have to stay unemployed as he does his work by dedicating everything to God without any burden on his mind. Creation itself creates a working environment for him.

Anxiety and stress:

Unnecessary fears create anxiety and stress in the common man. Being under stress can lead to serious illness. Since a person who goes to the temple regularly has no such fear, his mind is always happy and stress free.

Domestic violence:

The seeds of anxiety, anger and strife do not remain in the mind of a person who goes to the temple every day. He spreads happiness even at home. Because of her understanding, every member of the family also has mutual harmony and love for each other. As a result, there is no fear of domestic violence.

How do the above things happen when you go to the Hindu Temple?

-There are peaks or domes in the temple. The energy and sound waves that hit the dome fall on humans. Such reflected waves help maintain the frequency of the human body. In this way the human body gradually harmonizes with the inner environment of the temple. From this man experiences infinite happiness. Every temple established earlier is the center of positive energy on earth.

-Ancient temples are established in the center of celestial energy. When you go to a temple with such a positive energy center barefoot, a kind of energy flows in the human body. When the person joins hands in front of the idol, the energy cycle starts moving in his body. When a person bows his head in front of an idol, the celestial waves reflected from the idol fall on his brain and affect the command cycle in the brain. It brings peace and creates positive thoughts in the mind. Suffering is alleviated and the future is bright. Walking barefoot on the floor puts pressure on the soles of the feet and regulates blood pressure.

Hindu Temple
Hindu Temple

-Before entering the temple, one has to take a bath, to purify one’s body and senses. Achaman should be done 3 times. Achaman purifies the body and mind.

-Worship is a kind of chemical action. This lowers the pH value in the inner environment of the temple, which affects the pH value of the person. It is an ionic action that changes the physical chemistry. This action cures many types of diseases. This action can also be done by taking medicine, it happens automatically by going to the Hindu Temple.

Prayer has wonderful power. The praying person can reach God through ether. The sound of mental or verbal prayer reaches the sky. If prayer is true, sincere, and positive, nature will do what it wants. Another thing is that praying awakens in the mind a sense of faith and positivity, which plays an important role in the development and success of life.

– Every day I go to the temple and get vaccinated on my forehead. Vaccination of sandalwood gives a feeling of peace and increases concentration. It also brings abundant spiritual benefits.

-The temple bell heals the human mind and brain. According to researchers, the sound of the temple bell once echoes in the human ear for 7 seconds. It transmits energy to the mind and brain. Infinite peace spreads in the brain. The energy level of the body increases. Strength increases due to physical and spiritual peace.

– Standing with folded hands in the temple. Doing so benefits the lungs and heart. It develops immunity. There is pressure on the points on the palms and fingers that are connected to every part of the body, through which energy is transmitted to those parts.

-The atmosphere of the temple is fragrant. Such an environment provides peace of mind and brain. Bacteria cannot live in such an environment, the risk of viral infection is reduced because camphor is burned in the temple smoke. Some bacteria are destroyed by the sound of conch shells and bells.

-People who go to the temple every day do not have stress, anxiety, depression and mental illness. But it is not enough to go to the temple and join hands. Regular prayers, worship or chanting should be done. There is no benefit in going to the temple and standing back and muttering whatever comes to mind.


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