Sabhapokhari Of Sankhuwasabha: Holy Religious And Tourist Site


Sabhapokhari is located in Sabhapokhari gaupalika of Sankhuwasabha district. The lake is 200 meters long and about 100 meters wide. It is about 4100 meters above sea level. When it comes to the conservation and development of religious and tourist sites, we must be able to bring together both the religious and the spiritual and the physical. Looking at the pictures taken in different periods, it seems that we are not destroying its sanctity and originality in the name of development. It is important for the concerned parties to pay attention to this.


Another thing is that the historical, mythological and religious aspects of Sabhapokhari and the surrounding area have also been overshadowed. In this particular place, it is necessary to have clear knowledge and faith about which god and deity to worship and what to ask for accomplishment and blessings. The empty knowledge of whether Buddha was a demon or Raman was a demon makes us neither past nor future. Further study and research is needed in this regard.

The glory of Shiva Shakti has increased in the Himalayas. However, the Milke Jaljale and Sabhapokhari areas can also be considered as the origin of Brahma’s creation. When the gods have a problem, the first consultation is taken with Brahma ji. It is believed that the creation of Brahma continues in this region as new species of animals and plants are found every year.


According to Shri Markandeyapuran Debi Mahatma, even after returning the kingdom to the slain deities of the demon king Mahishasura, the symbol of injustice and oppression in the Satya Yuga, the demon king Shumbha Nishumbha removes the deities from heaven again in due course. After that, it is mentioned that the devas, who were wandering around, went to the Himalayas to worship Bishnu Devi. In this way, the gods gathered in the assembly pool of the present Sankhuwasabha district and went to the then capital of the Himalayan kingdom, Giriraj Himalaya Parbat, now Rajarani Himal and worshiped the goddess.

In the wonderful Ramayana, the story of Shivaji sleeping to appease the mother of Pathibhara is also mentioned. At a glance from Pathibhara, it seems that Shivaji is sleeping. In the wonderful Ramayana, after Sahasrasirsha Ravana tied Rama Lakshmana with Nagpas, Sita disguised herself as Kali and killed many demons. Pathibhara Devi is likely to be the same Kali. Based on this fact, there is a strong possibility that the place where Shiva slept to calm down Pathibhara and Kali in the form worn by Sita to kill Sahasr Shirs Ravana could be Shiva’s mortuary, Shiva pond or Sabhapokhari. It is important to study more about this.

Sabhapokhari and Gufa Pokhari are remembered along with the tourist beauty of Sankhuwasabha. Especially from Nagpanchami to Janai Punirma, the tourist and religious area is crowded with visitors to Sabhapokhari.

Cave Pond 


Located at an altitude of 4,000 meters, this area of ​​scenic, strategic and religious importance can only be reached in summer. Those who reach this place, which can be reached only by a arduous trek on weekdays, enjoy the natural beauty of the place and also worship at the temple located there.

There is a religious belief that bathing in this place brings salvation. In ancient times, in the month of Shravan, the gods believed that people would stay in a cave in a cave pond and perform sabha and pooja in the sabhapokhari. More than 4,000 devotees visit here every year.

Sabha Pokhari 


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As the Sankhuwasabha can be reached from Sunsari’s Dharan via Bhedetar, Dhankuta headquarters and Hile Bazaar, the trip to Sabhapokhari provides an opportunity for tourists and devotees from other districts to get a glimpse of other areas as well.

Also, according to Hindu scriptures, Vedabyas gathered eighty-eight thousand saints and sages around the Sabhapokhari and recited the Puranas about salvation in this world and attainment of the hereafter.

The belief that one can get the desired groom by bathing and worshiping cows in this holy place has been going on since time immemorial. Both Makalu and Kanchenjunga have unique views of the mountain range, beautiful scenery and fragrance of Lekali flowers, meet yaks and sheep on the way, meet nature and hide in nature. During the week-long pilgrimage from Gufpokhari, Chainpur, Khandbari and Barahabise, spending two more days in the sheepfold and yak herd makes the journey more captivating and unforgettable.


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