Dolpa : The Best Places To Visit in Dolpa District in Nepal


Dolpa, also known as Dolpo Pani, is one of the most beautiful, scenic in the Himalayan region of western Nepal and has been carrying its own specialty for many years. The region above 4070 m above sea level is the pride of not only Western Nepal but the whole of Nepal is famous.



Due to its geographical location and the inconvenience of road closures, the area was not as popular as it was before 1989, but the book “The Snow Leopard” by Peter Mathisens and the acclaimed film by French filmmaker Eric Valley After “Caravan”, Dolpo became known to the world including Nepal in such a way that overnight the place started to be discussed all over the world.

Dolpo is a mountainous region with the Dhaulagiri Range to the southeast, the Sisne and Kanjiroba Mountains to the west, and Tibet to the north. The area is so beautiful that anyone who goes there for a walk never tires of describing Dolpo and says that the beauty of Nepal is unmatched anywhere in the world.

Although Dolpo or Dolpa is absolutely beautiful, but especially the beautiful view of Foksundo Lake fascinates everyone. Dolpa is also considered as an important tourist destination from the point of view of world famous Lake Shei Foksundo, Balatripura Sundari Bhagwati Temple, Jagdula Lake, She Foksundo National Park in Dho Taksi Valley, the world’s highest human settlement, and valuable herbs Yarsagumba.

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According to the 2011 census, Dolpa has a population of about 36,700. In terms of area, Dolpa is spread over 7,889 square kilometers. Dolpa is bounded on the east by the Dhaulagiri Range, on the west by the Sisne and Kanjiroba Mountains, and on the north by Tibet. One of the important districts of Karnali region is the headquarters of Dolpa and another important thing is that Dolpa is considered as the largest district of Nepal.

As Dolpa is a mountainous region, most of the trade of Dolpa’s people is with Tibet in the north. Dolpa has a large Hindu community. There is also a Buddhist community. In addition, there are Bonpo communities, which are an old religion.

In terms of seasons, the weather in Dolpa is very cold, most of the year it gets cold and snowy but for tourism the air and water of the place is considered to be very good. Tourists can come to visit throughout the year. Temperatures in Yaha tend to be better in the summer months and drop to -20 degrees Celsius in the winter months.



Dolpa, located at the foot of Dhaulagiri mountain, is such a beautiful place that it is hardly appreciated. Every place and area of ​​Dolpa is worth visiting but some of the important places are Charka, Mukot, Dho, Foksundo, Tinje, Saldang and Vijer.

How to reach Dolpa?

From the capital Kathmandu, you can reach Nepalgunj by plane or bus, and from Nepalgunj, you can reach Dolpo by plane, landing at Dolpo’s Jufal Airport and walking.

Dolpo, which is a special place in Utah itself, attracts thousands of tourists every year, but Dolpa is overshadowed by the lack of publicity due to its natural resources and strategic importance and ample potential. It is important to inform the whole world about Dolpo for the development of tourism sector.


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