Gufa Danda : The Hill Which Has Ample Of Tourist Potential

Gufa Danda

Gufa Danda of Sindhupalchowk has ample tourist potential. The hill located in Melamchi Municipality-9 is attractive. From there, one can observe the Himalayan range, Melamchi Drinking Water Project, Dhulikhel, Nagarkot and others.

To develop a mountain that is always cold as a destination to escape the heat!

Gufa Danda
Gufa Danda

Gufa Danda is also considered to be a paradise in terms of clean climate, religious, cultural, archeological significance and herbs. However, due to geographical remoteness and lack of infrastructure, the hill has not been able to shine.

Gufa Danda of Sindhupalchowk can be developed as a cool destination to avoid heat.

After the arrival of the people’s representative in the local body, a campaign has been started to make it a tourist destination. They have already allocated budget for infrastructure construction from the time of making the master plan.

“The cave is the beauty of Jamire,” says ward chairman Kamal Bahadur Khadka. We have also allocated a budget of Rs. 800,000 by making a master plan. ‘

The master plan calls for the construction of tea plantations, picnic spots, stupas, monasteries, shrines, view towers, resorts, agricultural universities and playgrounds. Similarly, the aim is to establish a museum reflecting the culture of Sherpa, Magar, Gurung and Tamang communities.

In ancient times, lamas lived in caves to acquire knowledge.

Helicopters have landed on the hill more than two dozen times. There are 3 helipads. It takes only 7 minutes to travel from Kathmandu to Danda by heli.

Gufa Danda
Gufa Danda

This place is also important from archeological point of view. According to Ganesh Prasad Oli, headmaster of Keulethana Basic School at the foot of the hill, white and red stones have been found here. “Many have speculated that it may be a gold mine,” he said, adding that “no research has been done by the archeology department.”

Tourists are able to reach the hill on the slopes. The unpaved road, uphill from Melamchi, is impassable due to heavy rains. There is no hotel on the hill. Ward member Jit Bahadur Tamang said that there is a plan to upgrade the road from Melamchi to Danda to operate all year round.

“Upgrading the road is our priority,” he said. I propose to the city and the center. ‘

It seems necessary to develop hotels and other infrastructure on the hill. Actress Sukumaya Moktan, who arrived there a few months ago, remembered Gufa Danda as a place to forget physical and mental pain. “I felt heavenly bliss when I reached the hill, even though I was tired,” she said.

He who reaches there rejoices. Reaching the hill, tourism entrepreneur Karna Lama suggested the locals to increase tourism activities through original art and culture. The development of Gufa Danda can support not only the economy of Melamchi but also the economy of the entire country.

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Gufa Danda

In order to develop tourism in any place, the locals must first be aware. Easy access to caves, food and shelter are the main problems now. Ward Chairman Khadka has informed that food and accommodation facilities will be provided to the passengers in coordination with the municipality.

There is no alternative to opening a hotel for sustainable tourism development.

How to reach:

Kathmandu-Gufa Danda 49 km by car. Kathmandu-Melamchi 36 km, Melamchi-Gufa Danda 13 km.

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