King Birendra : A Short Life History of Birendra Bir Bikram Shah

King Birendra

King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah (b. 2002-2058) was the tenth Shah dynasty king of Nepal. He ruled Nepal till 2058 BS. He had three children, Yuvaraj Dipendra Shah, Adhiraj Kumari Shruti Shah and Adhiraj Kumar Nirajan Shah. Birendra had two brothers, Dhirendra Shah and Gyanendra Shah. Dhirendra was killed in the royal palace massacre.

King Birendra
King Birendra

Childhood and education of King Birendra

King Birendra was born in Push 14 (December 28, 1945). His early education took place at the court. After completing his secondary education from St. Joseph’s College, Darjeeling, India, he studied at Eaton College, UK. He later studied in Japan and the United States. Virendra’s marriage She was with Aishwarya Shah in 2022 BS.


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Reign and achievement

During the heyday of the Panchayat period. He became king in 2028 BS after the death of his father King Mahendra.

  • Coronation 2031
  • Peace zone proposal
  • Referendum¬† 2037
  • Establishment of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) 2042
  • Multi-party declaration 2046
  • Gaddi Arohan Rahat Mahotsav 2053
  • During the reign of King Virendra. Democracy was restored in Nepal in 2037 BS through referendum and people’s movement 2046 BS. For the first time In 2036 BS, a referendum was announced for the people to choose the system of Panchayat or Multi-Party. He died mysteriously during a family reunion on a tragic Friday.
Royal Family
King Birendra

However, the flags between the various political parties and the majority of social problems led to the Nepalese Civil War, the Maoist insurgency and the conflict between the government forces, which led to the B.S. 2056 to B.Sc. Reached by 2051.

Considering the people as the focal point in governing the country, he abandoned autocracy and embraced democracy to govern according to the people’s demands. He lost his legacy due to Nepal’s political instability.


King Birendra
Late King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah.

Murder of King Birendra

He was assassinated inside the Narayanhiti Palace on Friday, June 3, 2008. Two minutes after his first shot, he fell into the hands of his son Dipendra, known as the Narayanhiti Palace Massacre.


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