Space Station : Life of Astronauts on Space Station 400 km from Earth

Space Station, Whether a person is in space or on earth, his lifestyle does not change much wherever he goes. People going to the International Space Station, which is 400 kilometers away from the earth for research, must do their regular work just like on the earth. All the activities like eating on time, defecating on time, taking care of one’s hygiene are also prepared as a regular schedule in space. While studying the lifestyle of the astronauts prepared by NASA, their regular cleaning, regular eating and exercise activities continue like on earth.

Space Station

People in space, like humans on earth, bathe regularly, brush their teeth, shave their beards, and defecate regularly. It is difficult to do anything without the gravity of the earth. Because of microgravity, astronauts need to take care of their health, according to NASA.

Every astronaut has a personal hygiene kit for sanitation. The kit contains personal hygiene items. All of these things happen in space, just like on Earth. Because of the microgravity, the toilets on the space station are more complex than those used by humans on Earth. Astronauts have to support themselves with their feet resting on the toilet seat.

Catering in space station

People who go to the International Space Station to do research change every 6 months. During the journey, these people have arranged everything they need to eat. Just like when we go on a seven-day journey, we make arrangements for the entire journey, so when we go into space, we go with pre-preparation. People who go to space have arranged food for the rest of their lives. They carry a variety of foods, such as fruits that are naturally edible. Some other foods may require water. In addition, an oven is provided for hot or cooked food.

Inside Satellite
Space Station

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Appliances such as refrigerators are not carried in space. Therefore, food storage method is adopted to prevent food spoilage. Salt and pepper are available but only in liquid form. It is said that this is done as it can affect the health of various equipment and passengers when they take chili powder. Astronauts eat three meals a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The calories needed for astronauts vary according to a person’s physique. An astronaut’s diet may include fruits, nuts, butter, chicken, seafood, candy, and more.

Astronaut leisure management

Astronauts also have time to rest in addition to certain work. As they fly off the earth, they set aside time to enjoy stress management. In their spare time, astronauts look out of the window at the Earth’s orbit. NASA has stated that the space station will also have a holiday on weekends. People who go there on weekends also watch movies, play music, read books.


Space Station
Space Station

Exercise in space station

Astronauts also value exercise. The astronauts on the station exercise daily to avoid bone and muscle problems. On average, astronauts exercise for two hours a day. The tools they use are different from the ones they use on earth. Gravity makes it much easier in space to lift 20 kg of luggage than it is to lift luggage on Earth. This means that exercise equipment is designed specifically for use in space.


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