Bojo : The Health Benefits and Ayurveda related to Bojo


Bojo is a very useful plant. Of course, some may not like the smell and taste. The burden of tarro and partial piro taste is considered very beneficial for health. It has a special significance in Ayurveda. It is also mentioned in the Puranic scriptures. It is considered a virtuous plant. Bojo is called ‘Bacha’ in Sanskrit. It is estimated that it has been in use for centuries due to its presence in the language of culture.

The bojo falls on the Ariac family. Its scientific name is Acorus calamus. We call its roots a burden. The leaves are silent or gladiolus flowers.


Found in the yard : Bojo

Loads can usually be produced in the backyard. Its roots or stalks can be easily grown. This requires a swampy or moist place. Especially in hilly areas.

Even in Kathmandu, some people plant burdens in their home gardens. In many places it grows on its own. In some places you have to plant it yourself. The load can be used one year after planting. The plant spreads from its roots. Once well-groomed, the burden is often not lifted. After rooting, the plant sprouts again from the other side.


Rules for using Bojo

Pulling out the root of the load or so on. It can be chewed into pieces. It can be cut into pieces and dried for a long time. The dried load can be kept in a glass bottle and used as required.

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Health benefits

The benefits of burdens are many. Burden is useful in curing sore throat and also in awakening appetite. It is also said to be beneficial in the problem of pinas. According to Ayurveda experts, burden affects the nervous system. It is said that even medical research has confirmed this. Burdens are used to support the body.

1. Sore throat is cured.

2. Works to heal body or joint pain.

3. Burden can be consumed in case of stomach ache. It gives comfort.

4. Burdens can be consumed to reduce mental stress.

5. It is also useful in hysteria and insomnia.

6. It works to increase memory.

7. Burden is considered effective in controlling high blood pressure.

8. Burden helps to normalize breathing speed. It works effectively in asthma.

9. If you have stomach problems, you should consume a load.

10. Burdock is also useful for expelling stomach gas, defecating and vomiting.


How much to consume Bojo?


There is a dose of any medicine. Because it works well, consuming too much or too much can have a negative effect. There is a proverb in Nepali society that if you eat a lot, even nectar becomes poisonous. 25 to 500 mg can be consumed in powder form. How much can be affected by consuming more.

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