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Tips to have a healthy Dashain and Tihar

Maintaining good health during the Dashain and Tihar festival is crucial, especially amidst the feasting.

Appendicitis : Everything You Know About Appendicitis

Appendicitis is not complicated until its symptoms are known and treated immediately. However, if left

Sleep Tips : The Balance of Sleep Must Maintain For Health

Sleep Tips , Whether it is modern development or lifestyle or globalization, all these have

Bipolar Disorder : The Symptoms and Prevention of Bipolar Disorder

It is not uncommon to be overjoyed or anxious. This indicates bipolar disorder. It is

Digestive System : How To Make Your Digestion Better ?

Digestive System, Everything we eat is difficult to digest. How much digestion capacity is very

Yoga in Winter : What are the ways and health benefits of Yoga in Winter

Yoga in Winter, Does regular exercise boost immunity? This is a question that should come

Vitamin D : Why is Vitamin D important For Body? Know The Facts

Sudarshan Basnet, the director of Suswasthya Hospital, Vaneshwar, says, “Most people in Kathmandu are deficient

Bojo : The Health Benefits and Ayurveda related to Bojo

Bojo is a very useful plant. Of course, some may not like the smell and

Abortion : How Risky is Abortion ?

How many lives are at risk during an abortion? The health condition of some people

Motion Sickness : The Causes and Ways to Avoid Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness, The long journey is not so easy now. However, for some, even on

Dementia : The Ways to Cure Dementia and Ways for Prevention

Some basic lifestyle changes can solve a third of dementia patients’ problems. What can researchers

White Blood Cells : Why We Need To Maintain WBC in Blood ?

There are three types of blood cells in the body. One, white blood cells. Two,