Danapur Lake :Rupandehi Which Was Protected For Feeding Livestock

Danapur Lake

Danapur Lake in Rupandehi, which was protected for feeding livestock and birds 20 years ago, has now become a tourist attraction. Kanchan village municipality ward no. Danapur Lake in 1 (formerly Gajedi village municipality) has been protected by a community forest user group. Netra Bahadur Shrees, who came to Danapur from Gulmi in 2041 BS, says that the lake has been made accessible to tourists due to the efforts of the locals.

Danapur Lake
Danapur Lake

Shrees, who is also the former vice-chairman of Samaymai Community Forest Users Group, had never imagined that the small pond between the thorn bushes and the Ajambari bush would develop into a 19-hectare lake. “There was a small pond on the south side of the road where the boat is now. The cattle and birds used to eat the water. We used to go fishing.

Not knowing the significance of the Danapur Lake, Gajedi VDC used to give a contract to local Jaya Bahadur Gurung to fish in the lake around 2043 BS. Shrees says that after Gurung started raising imported fish fry and ducks along with local fish, they also started conserving the lake. The District Forest Office, Rupendehi, has registered the lake under the temporary community forest, but it seems that a plan has been made to conserve the lake, saying that the land of the lake may be encroached while picking dill in the fields around the lake.

Locals are involved in the conservation of the lake by forming a community forest in the name of a temporary temple in the middle of the forest. This wetland lake is now famous not only as a wetland area but also as a boat ride and picnic spot. The construction of the road around the lake started in 2068 BS with a budget of Rs 4 lakh given by the National Lake Conservation Committee.

20 picnic sheds including terraces have been constructed in the lake premises and about 50 groups have been allotted picnic space in the open space. Chairman of the Community Forest, Meen Bahadur Thapa, says that they are confused about how to move forward the development of the lake as there is no detailed master plan. Danapur Lake

He said that although he had planned to make the lake a source of livelihood by linking it with the income and living standards of the local community who have been involved in the conservation of the lake for a long time, he was concerned that it would destroy the organic matter found in the wetland. Danapur Lake is not only a water-filled pond but also very important from an environmental point of view, so many species of birds live here.

Danapur Lake

The lake, which is home to various species of native fish, ducks, birds and other aquatic animals, is in danger of extinction as human activity increases. Shree, a former vice-president of the community forest, says that the native Saura fish has disappeared after the lake was contracted for fishing and rearing. “Saura fish weighing about two and a half kilos, which looks like bhoti, was found, but it has not been seen for six or seven years,” said Shrees. Danapur Lake

Considered to be the best habitat and food for various birds, the lake is home to many rare birds including male geese, water geese, storks, buckwheat and wild chickens. Similarly, Dhawai, Chelwa, Gaisidra, Pate Sidra, Dhevri, Girai Bhoti, Padeni, Andha Bam, Chuchche Bam, Shrimp and more than a dozen other native fishes are found. Along with that, the contractor of the lake has also been raising developed fish including common, live, silver, bighead and naini.

Local Lilamani Dhakal has taken a contract to raise fish in the lake for five years at a cost of Rs. The Community Forest Users Committee has also awarded a five-year contract to local Chandra Bahadur Taramu . Thapa informed that around Rs. 900,000 is being spent annually on conservation of the lake, construction of picnic sheds and forest watching, under the contract given for fishing and boating. Danapur Lake

Thapa said that the Nepal Army had widened the 5.5 hectare border area in the north at a cost of Rs 20 million last year through the Presidential Chure Conservation Committee. The committee has planned to develop the northern part as a wetland and the southern part as a boating area as there is talk of making the lake a wetland area.

Chairman Thapa said that the income of the lake would increase if boats could be used in the 13.5 hectare area on the south side even though there was no in-depth discussion on the issue. There are also 475 household members of the Timely Community Forest Users Committee. Homestay has been started in 10 houses from the Rs. 2.5 lakh allocated by the former Gajedi VDC after the number of tourists started increasing in the Danapur Lake.

Danapur Lake
Danapur Lake

As it is a wetland area in the middle of the forest, there are not many tourists during the rainy season but daily tourists visit from September to February. Picnics at various festivals and celebrations, environmental students, nature lovers and people who study and research birds and various animals have also been increasing in recent times. Danapur Lake

Chairman Thapa said that more than 20,000 people visit the lake annually even though there are no exact statistics of tourists visiting the lake. The committee complains that there is not much support from the government even though the lake, which has been protected by the locals for water for grazing and cattle, is being developed as a tourist area.

Danapur Lake
Danapur Lake

So far Chan village chairman Gokarna Chhetri, on the other hand, said that he ignored the request of the Forest Users Committee to register the lake in the village municipality. Chhetri brought the lake under the control of the village municipality. He said that they have a plan to develop it as an important tourist area of ​​the state. Danapur Lake

The state government has also shown interest in this area which has been protected by the Community Forest Users Committee for a long time. Observing the lake this year, Chief Minister Shankar Pokharel urged to develop Danapur Lake as a wetland area. He also urged the locals to be clear about the concept of developing Various Old Pictures Of Nepal the wetland area as the human activities in the wetland area will be destroyed. Danapur Lake

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