Brahmastra : The Most Powerful Divine Weapon In Hindu Mythology


In mythology, it was the five most destructive weapons. The first Brahmastra, the second Naranastra, the third Pashupatastra, the fourth Vajra and the fifth Sudarshan Chakra. So here are some interesting facts about Brahmastra.

तदस्त्रं प्रजज्वाल महाज्वालं तेजोमंडल संवृतम ।

सशब्द्म्भवम व्योम ज्वालामालाकुलं भृशम ।

चचाल च मही कृत्स्ना सपर्वतवनद्रुमा ।।। महाभारत ।। ८–१०–१४ ।।



After leaving Brahmastra, a terrible wind began to rise. Millennials began to fall from the sky. There was a terrible fear of ghosts. A loud noise exploded in the sky. The sky began to burn. The earth trembled with mountains and trees.

Who made Brahmastra?

As described in the Vedas-Puranas, etc., Lord Bumha, the father of the world, had made Bumhastra for the purpose of destroying the demon. It means the weapon of Brahma.

People got weapons

In the beginning, Brahmastra was with the gods and goddesses. Each deity had a weapon according to their characteristics. The deity was the first to give such a weapon to Gandhav. The man later received the weapon.

mahabharat weapon

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How many times has Brahmastra been used?

Bramhastra is sometimes used in mythology. In the Ramayana, when Lakshmana wanted to use this weapon to fight Meghnad, Shriram did not allow him to use it. The whole of Lanka would be destroyed if the weapon was used. However, later in the war between Rama and Ravan, Brahmastra was used. After this, in the Mahabharata war, Ashvatthama used Brahmastra.

Who had this weapon?

In the Ramayana and Mahabharata periods, this weapon was in the possession of countless warriors. While in the Ramayana period Vibhishan and Lakshmana had this weapon, in the Mahabharata period it was with Dronacharya, Ashvatthama, Krishna, Kuvalashva, Yudhisthira, Karna, Pradyumna and Arjuna. Arjuna got this weapon from Drona.

The cataclysm was caused by Brahmastra

Brahmastra was used a few times. It is believed that the cataclysm occurred when two of them collided with each other. It was the fear of the end of the whole earth. In the Mahabharata, chapters 13 to 15 of the Sauptik festival are said to be the result of Brahmastra.

The result of Brahmastra

Maharshi Vedavyas has written that where it was left, there was no origin of rain, animals, trees and plants for 12 years. According to the Mahabharata, a woman living in a village had a miscarriage due to this weapon.


Was it like an atomic bomb?

It is estimated that the Brahmastra used in the Mahabharata was similar to the atomic bomb. Dr. Padyamkar Vishnu Vartak has written a book ‘Swayambhu’, in which research has been done on the destructive power of Bumhastra.

Was the Indus Valley Civilization Destroyed by Brahmastra?

Research on the Indus Valley Civilization (Mohan Joddo, Harappa, etc.) found such a city, which existed around 5000 to 7000 BC. What can be seen from the condition of the skeletons found in this city is that they were killed by an accidental attack. Evidence has also been found that at some point a terrible heat was generated here. Studies of the skeletons show that they were exposed to radiation.


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