Malamas : What to Do and What Not to Do at Malamas


Adhikamas i.e. Purushottam Mass is starting from Friday. Malamas will run from 2 September to 1 November. Due to the Purushottam month, which started without any auspicious deeds during a lunar month, it has been postponed after this year’s Dashain-Tihar and Sohra Shraddha has been postponed.In order to adjust the months of solar and lunar months, Adhikamas is usually celebrated after 2 years, 8 months, 16 days and four hours. This year, according to the same calculation, Adhikamas is being celebrated from 2 September.


According to the Hindu calendar, a solar month has 365 days, 15 hours, 31 times and 30 cyclones in a year, while according to the lunar calendar, there are 354 days, 22 hours, 1 time and 23 cyclones in a year. Every year, after the 10 days between the Sun and the Moon touch the month with a difference of 53 hours, 30 seconds and 7 days, one month is considered as an impure month and is adjusted with the solar month without counting. This is the month called Malamas.

According to theologians, all kinds of festivals are forbidden in this festival except for certain deeds.

Former Chairman of Panchang Judging Committee and Chairman of Rashtriya Dharmasabha Nepal Prof. Dr. According to Madhav Prasad Bhattarai, since this month is impure and cannot be counted, the scriptures forbid it to be done at any moment of the month. According to the Vedic calendar, it used to be celebrated only in the months of Asar and Kattik.

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Why is it called Purushottam Mass?

Malmas is also called Purushottam Mas. It has a different legend. Although all the gods started accepting each month according to their own preferences, in the end no one wanted to accept this month which was left as impure. It is believed that Purushottam, i.e. Lord Vishnu, named the month after himself and said that he would accept the month after it was declared unclean. Therefore, since it is forbidden to do other good deeds in this month, there is a classical belief that it is auspicious to praise Lord Vishnu in a way that makes him happy.

Various scriptures state that some work is prohibited during this month and some work is not hindered. Prof. Dr. who should not go to the shrine for more than a month. Bhattarai has a statement.  Construction of physical infrastructure including temples is also prohibited in Malmas. According to classical beliefs, it is forbidden to start any new good deed for a month. However, Bhattarai says that even at this time, there is no obstacle to do the deeds that are already being done regularly.

During this month, Vishnu is worshiped along with his favorite dishes like Malpuva. P.D. According to Madhav Prasad Bhattarai, the do’s and don’ts of Malmas are as follows.


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Things to do in Malamas

– Daily deeds

– Regular fasting

– Morning satsang to be done with selfless spirit

– Praise and kirtan of Vishnu

– Nwaran, Pasni

– Purchase of daily necessities

Things not to do in Malamas

– No work should be heated

– Nothing should be done by creating a moment

– Home entry

– To travel to a new shrine

– To start a new business

– You should not start a new fast

– Beginning of construction of new structure

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