Jhapa Andolan : The Story And History Of The Jhapa Rebellion

Jhapa Andolan

Jhapa Andolan : The communists sang night and day, “This country is desolate for millions, a paradise for a handful.” In the same period, Karna Bahadur Gautam of Jhapa was assassinated. In that case, Radhakrishna Mainali, Mohan Chandra Adhikari, Bhogen Rajbanshi and other youths were sentenced to life imprisonment. The court had pronounced its verdict in the case on March 29, 2010.

Jhapa Andolan
Jhapa Andolan

Bal Bahadur Thapa, Bisu dynasty and Jhamku dynasty were cleared in Gautam Kanda. Gautam was the first victim of the Jhapa uprising, which was started as a ‘class enemy’.The ‘Proletarian Rebellion’ that started from Naxalwadi in the Indian state of West Bengal had spread to Jhapa. Charu Majumdar, Jungle Santhal and Kanu Sanyal were secretly running the ‘Naxalite’ movement. Mohan Chandra Adhikari was the communist leader who increased such activities in Nepal through that movement. Jhapa Andolan

Therefore, Jhapa became a laboratory for the Naxalites. Charu Majumdar was the son of a landlord. He died in police custody in Calcutta at the age of 54. He was the General Secretary of the Communist Party of India (ML). The Malay Party of Nepal was established under that influence. The party based on Marxism and Leninism was slowly spreading in Eastern Nepal.

In Nepal, only the government has been changing for ten years since the political system changed. Why is this happening? Why are the big parties running for power rather than stability? There is no reason to believe that there will be another revolt, why?Communist leader Kanu Sanyal (Krishna Kumar) was an ordinary Bengali. He also spoke Nepali. Jhapa Andolan

In recent years he has looked disappointed. Talking to Panktikar about ten years ago in a common room of the party office in Naxalbadi, Kanu asked, “Why are Nepal’s communists stinking?” Were questioned. Later, news came in the newspapers that he had committed suicide by hanging. Probably regretted that hundreds of people were killed in vain.

According to his supporters, Kanu, who has been fanning the flames of the Naxalite movement in West Bengal since 2022/23 BS, went to China via Kathmandu and secretly met Mao. In his book ‘Naxalite Movement in India’, Biplavadas Gupta has given an interesting discussion about Charu, Kanu and Jungle Santhal.Kanu was born in Kharsang, a hill town in Darjeeling district and spent his childhood in a Nepali settlement. He had complained that the famous communists of Nepal were involved in fundraising. Jhapa Andolan

Jhapa Andolan
Jhapa Andolan

Poor S. of Hattighisa gram panchayat near Naxalbadi Born into the Tar family, Jungle Santhal was another hero of the peasant revolt. After his release, he also became inactive. His life ended in 2045 BS. He was a ‘brave’ friend to Charu and Kanu.The communist sacrifice in Jhapa in the name of eliminating the ‘class enemy’ created an atmosphere of terror. After the assassination of Karna Bahadur Gautam, Butan Chaudhary was assassinated on 26 April 2029. Jhapa Andolan

Mangal Mardi Satar, Masala Dhimal, Bhusa Dhital, Dadhiram Upreti, Chhavilal Rajbanshi, Khadga Prasad Oli (current Prime Minister), Bhogen Rajbanshi, Harka Bahadur Khadka, Tanka Prasad Ghimire, Khadga Bahadur Magar, Khadga Prasad Dahal, Jagat Bahadur Kumal, Amrit Bahadur Kumal, Ramdev Chaudhary, Sher Bahadur Niraula, Gyan Bahadur Karki, Tulasi Silwal and Sher Bahadur Shrestha as well as Degnath Dangal, Kali Bahadur Ban, Ganga Prasad Bharti, Hari Mainali, Amar Bahadur Giri, Radhakrishna Mainali and Haribhakta Giri were sentenced as per the verdict of March 8, 2010. Have the parties failed or the political system? The time has come for the new generation to think. Jhapa Andolan

The “Jhapa Uprising” was spreading like wildfire. The Udrakant dynasty was assassinated on December 8, 2008. (Someone says ‘Rudra Kant’, that is wrong.) Mohan Prasad Upreti, Bhim Bahadur Khadka alias Kale, Hem Bahadur Khadka, Fatra Satar, Harikrishna Tharu, Khadga Prasad Thapa and Ganesh Bahadur Khadka alias ‘Langada’ are found in the records of imprisonment and fine.

Bishnu Prasad Bimli and Ishwari Prasad Chundal were killed in Jhapa on July 12, 2008. The court sentenced Netra Prasad Ghimire, Naresh Kharel, Harka Bahadur Khadka, Krishna Prasad Sedhai, Dilli Prasad Sivakoti, Tanka Prasad Ghimire alias Mistry Sainlo, Ishwari Prasad Sangraula, Narayan Prasad Tiwari, Ganga Prasad Upreti and Loknath Oli to imprisonment. Jhapa Andolan

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Jhapa Andolan

Radhakrishna Mainali and Radhakrishna Ghimire were acquitted in this case. Similarly, the fugitives Mangal Sunuwar, Umanath Sedhai, Tiltrivam Dhakal, Shiva Prasad Shivakoti, Punya Niraula and Punya Prasad Upreti were barred from selling their property.Since the decision of the special court of Riddhimananda Bajracharya and Trilok Pratap Rana was printed on the front page of the then-published newspaper ‘Vivechana’ from Jhapa, those issues must have been safe in the Madan Award Library and Press Council.

Newspapers and books of the time can be a reliable reference material for those who want to study the communist sacrificial system. It is easy to understand that today’s communist politics started with bloodshed. Dharma Prasad Dhakal, a former Rastriya Panchayat (then Parliament) MP, was assassinated in his home village (Hatti Killa, Shanishchare) on December 26, 2008. Dhakal was also a famous industrialist who moved from Namsaling in Ilam to Jhapa and added a lot of land. Dhakal and him .

Mahila’s son Gyanendra was killed on the same day. -Jhapa Andolan

After Dhakal’s death, the meticulous and objective investigation of the incident took a new turn. News of Dhakal’s death spread everywhere as he had contacts with high-ranking people in the capital. Khadga Prasad Oli, Mankumar Tamang, Amar Bahadur Karki, Amar Bahadur Adhikari, Bhogen Rajbanshi, Chhavilal Rajbanshi alias ‘Chhavil’, Mankumar Gautam (arrested in the guise of a monk), Radhakrishna Mainali, Bhusa Dhimal, Dadhiram Upreti, Lakh Bahadur Tamang, Fatra Satar, Liladevi Kattel The court had sentenced Shyamdas Regmi, Tara Bahadur Kalakheti and Ratna Bahadur Karki as well as Chief Planner Mohan Chandra Adhikari to imprisonment and fine.

“The Jhapa uprising was inspired and influenced by the Naxalite movement,” says Nakul Kazi, a writer and journalist who has done extensive research on the Jhapa uprising and the Naxalite movement in India. Dedicated to journalism for fifty years, Kazi has written many articles on the Jhapa Uprising in his edited commentary. Entering journalism as an assistant editor of his own magazine in 2035 BS, the columnist has experienced great psychological stress and intimidation while writing articles, news and editorials in Sarathi Weekly published from the capital, claiming that Nepal’s Maoist insurgency was orchestrated from India. Jhapa Andolan

The story of Nepal’s Maoist insurgency, inspired by the Jhapa uprising and protected by Indian intelligence, is even more interesting and mysterious. In the book ‘Indian Intervention in Sri Lanka’, Pvt. Rohan Gunaratne noted that the violent insurgency and political turmoil in South Asia was being designed by the Lodhi Road-based intelligence agency RAW and its advisers.

In his book “Smashes and Grabs, Annexation of Sikkim”, Indian journalist Sunanda Kumar Dutt has given a detailed analysis of how the monarchy was annexed to India by throwing the monarchy in Sikkim. Therefore, if we are under the illusion that the repeated political uprisings in Nepal after 2007 were spontaneous and in accordance with the will of the people, it will be considered immaturity. Jhapa Andolan

Professor Pitamber Sharma has written about the recent developments in Nepal, “The UML and the Maoists have not gone for unity in a pure manner. Both parties have many strengths and even more weaknesses. The trend of misgovernance, corruption, flamboyant lifestyle of the leadership, killing of property and doing whatever it takes to reach the position of profit is rampant in both the parties.

The election manifesto is just a show of teeth. Even the united party has different teeth to show and eat. As long as this trend continues, reform will be difficult. ”Has the ‘communist revolt’ in Nepal ended in dissolution, surrender, ecstasy, success or achievement? Even if the government calls Netra Bikram Chand’s movement childish, there is no clear basis for the fact that thousands of rebels will not reorganize tomorrow.

Even when the Communist Party of Nepal, which has two-thirds of the bank balance in the parliament, is in power, there is no sign of happiness on the faces of millions of poor people. So even now the old song of the communists seems like a satire. That is, ‘a handful have heaven’.Pvt. Pitamber Sharma has said, “Will this unity (UML and Maoists) be broken or maintained? Jhapa Andolan

Can’t say right now. What policy will the party take in the coming days? That determines a lot. What was seen in the communist and socialist regimes was that whoever came to power was the one who emerged as the new class. Power and power create a special class within the communists. The same thing is happening here. ”

Spontaneous revolutions, movements or insurrections by their own strength will not turn into ashes. From the Jhapa Uprising that started in 2028 BS to the Maoist People’s War that started on March 20, 2052 BS, no conclusion could be reached. By crying over the cadres, a limited number of people have become the owners of crores and billions of rupees. The revolt made some proletarians happy and happy. Even while hiding, Jhapa Andolan

Jhapa Andolan
Jhapa Andolan

He could not hide the fact that his wives are millionaires. The Communists came to power by sacrificing thousands including Karna Bahadur Gautam, Butan Chaudhary and Muktinath Adhikari. He may win the next election but he is not trying to make the nation and the people laugh. They do not seem to have any remorse or remorse.

The Mahabharata mentions that Brahmaji gave birth to Manasputras like Marichi, Atri, Angira, Pulastya, Pulah, Kratu and Daksha Even in Nepal, foreign powers have created colorful minds. There is no shortage of those who work against the national interest by sticking stickers saying ‘for the nation and the people’ in parties, human rights, press world, NGOs, bureaucracy, education sector etc. From Egypt to Libya, Turkey, Syria, Yemen and other countries, invisible forces are active in everything from vying for power to inciting insurgency. Jhapa Andolan

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In Nepal, only the government has been changing for ten years since the political system changed. There is no sign of stability. Why is this happening? Why are the big parties running for power rather than stability? There is no reason to believe that there will be another revolt, why? Have the parties failed or the political system? The time has come for the new generation to think.

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