Aruna Lama : The Queen of Voice in Nepali Music Industry

Aruna Lama

Aruna Lama often sang only songs of pain, suffering and anguish. On the one hand, Aruna’s voice was full of innate compassion, while on the other hand, her life was full of struggles. It was full of pain and sorrow. As if Aruna’s life was a tragic story and this story became an example of a burning compassion in the field of Nepali music. And with that story, she became a vocalist, a melody queen, and a nightingale of the Himalayas. Not only that, the connoisseurs of the song also called her ‘Tragedy Queen’. Combining all these behaviors, when I briefly introduced Aruna Lama, she was the voice empress.

Aruna Lama

Aruna’s first recorded song was ‘Hey Kancha, don’t drop me a golden star!’ She recorded this song on Radio Nepal in 2016. The year after recording her first song, in 2017, she graduated from Government College, Darjeeling. Aruna had a unique self-made record, a special place and an unprecedented contribution to the Nepali lyric field. In the history of Nepali singing, Aruna is considered to be the best artist who sings the song of pain even with laughter. Accepting her compassionate voice from the bottom of her heart, Nepali singer Shikhar Tara Devi said, “Aruna covered the Nepali environment with her voice of sorrow and pain.”


Aruna was born on September 24, 2002, in the hills of Darjeeling. And her acquaintance’s name was Tamang in Dante. From an early age, she loved to dance and sing. She could not reach the tall mic when she was singing, but in such a situation, her father would carry her on his shoulder and carry her to the mic. When she was seven or eight years old, she sang and rocked Darjeeling.

Nepali Music

At the tender age of fifteen or sixteen, Aruna’s desire to sing, the melody of the song and the words of the song had touched the top of Kanchenjunga. After that, she continued to sing. Aruna had met Sharan Pradhan when she was 13 years old. Sharan and Aruna were fascinated by each other when they went to learn music with Amber Gurung. As a result, Aruna Lama accepted asylum with Tekna for 19 years and married her. Aruna entered into marriage on July 10, 2020. Before and after the marriage, the couple was involved in the school’s teaching profession.

From the union of Aruna and Sharan, a daughter Sapna and a son Suprit were born. Her daughter Sapna also took the lead in singing. Aruna and Sharan reached the age of 10 years of their married life and a catastrophe came to Aruna’s life. A black storm came and the earth came crashing down on his head. Sharan Pradhan passed away in a coma. Then Aruna started crying again.

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Aruna stayed at home after her husband’s death, but six months later she was forced into the arena by Karma Yonjan. Then she started crying. Again she began to dedicate herself to singing.

Aruna Lama
Aruna Lama

After the death of her husband, Aruna began to suffer financially. Still, she struggled on her journey. On the one hand, Jagir and on the other hand, her singing, she continued to move forward. Due to his inclination towards music, Nepali society bowed down to him. Her singing skills and vocal cords began to immerse Nepalis in love.

Aruna’s singing was well rooted in Nepali soil. For her long service and skillful work in singing, she was adorned with strong Gorkha Dakshinbahu. She also received the Chinnalata Award, Bhanu Academy Award, Mitrasen Award and many other awards, honors and congratulations from Nepal and India. Not only that, in the year 2050, Sitaram Pragya Pratishthan organized the program ‘Aruna Lama: Swanirma Saanjh’. It was a very big musical project. On the stage of the project, Aruna was awarded Rs. 265,000 as well as the title of ‘Swarkinnari’.

A book titled ‘Aruna Lama: Story and Pain’ edited by Narendra Raj Prasai was also unveiled at the function. On that day, Aruna presented her sweet voices to the listeners with enthusiasm, enthusiasm and courage in the live broadcast of Nepal Television. In that grand ceremony, she sang eighteen Nepali songs and received applause from the audience in each song.

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Aruna Lama, the youngest daughter of Surya Bahadur Lama and Sanmaya Tamang, became the common child of all Nepali music priests. A vocalist like her sang Nepali songs and embellished the Nepali language in her own way. It was his divine art to melt the words down his throat and give him a voice like a coyote. But she did not manage to record more than 150 songs.

Aruna came to Kathmandu from Darjeeling for medical treatment. No medicine could save him. Many Nepalis came to his rescue. But millions of Nepalis also killed him. Could not escape from the mouth. Finally, the materialism of the vocal empress of Nepali singing ended from this earth on January 7, 2008 in Kathmandu.

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