Mountain Flight : Attractions Of Nepalis In ‘Mountain Flight’

Mountain Flight

Mountain Flight : The attraction of Nepalis has been seen in the mountain flight which was opened after 10 months due to the Corona epidemic. Nepalis were attracted in the initial stage of the closed flight due to the lockdown imposed in Chait last year to prevent the spread of the Corona epidemic .Under normal circumstances, mountain flights tend to attract foreigners.

Mountain Flight
Mountain Flight

Recently, Buddha and Yeti Air have opened  flights. These airlines have also brought cheap fares and attractive offers along with opening flights. For those who have not been able to travel for a long time, Mountain Flight is a suitable choice, said Sudarshan Bartaula, spokesperson of Yeti Airlines. According to Bartaula, all the seats have been sold on Wednesday in the flight which was opened for Saturday.

Buddha and Yeti have announced a mountain flight one day a week from Saturday. Yeti had opened tickets for two flights on Saturday. Bartaula informed that all of them have been sold. Yeti has fixed a fare of Rs 8,848 for a mountain flight. When you buy a ticket like this, you will get another seat for free. Buddha Air has also fixed a fare of Rs 8,900. Buddha has also brought an offer to give another seat for free on one ticket. The offer seat will not be near the window.

Mountain Flight
Mountain Flight

The mountain ranges of northern Nepal are no less attractive to anyone. These peaks are attracting the attention of not only the tourists who come to see the mountains closely, but also the people who are measuring the destination by air. Himal is a strong base of Nepal’s tourism. But at the moment, tourism activities have come to a standstill. There are no people who come to visit because of the corona virus.

It  is for those who want to see the mountains up close with their own eyes but can’t and can’t get close to the mountains. Mountain Fly is also a wonderful option for those who want to see the mountains from the sky. Mountain flights, like other tourist attractions, were disrupted. How to operate an airline when human activity has stopped?

Mountain Flight

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But the  flight did not start at the same speed as the air service. The desire to see the mountains up close will not stop. Nepali air service providers have opened mountain flights, with special offers. Flying from near the mountain, the mountain flight is an hour long. Now is a wonderful time for those who want to enjoy the mountain range, including Mount Everest.


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