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Tinpane Rakshi : Recently, after the Bihar state government of India declared a ‘dry zone’ where people are not allowed to consume alcohol, there was an influx of people coming to Nepal to drink alcohol. What would be the situation in Nepal if the government made such a decision? As this question progressed, the memories of the wine culture that spread in our village became fresh.


In our village, a kind of ‘harak’ used to come from the mouths of people. It took years to find out what that was. These people used to meet at Chautari, sometimes working in the fields and sometimes coming to the house. As I walked around the village, I saw a large vessel being heated by a flame from below. Sweat was dripping down from the dishes.

The olfactory power had already begun to recognize this unique ‘movement’. It was not found in our house. Everywhere in the village.It is a sweet-smelling drink – three leaves. Namely local liquor. It took a long time to get to know the man who drank the three leaves. The sweat on the faces of the people with the three leaves made them realize that it was a delicious drink and the attraction towards it began to grow. Tinpane

The festival with Tinpane was equally interesting. The bottles were carried on people’s backs to the bazaars, maitas, mawals, haats and fairs. They would not feel ‘relative’. At times, our community seemed to be far removed from such a noble culture. Baale did not drink, Baje did not drink. The uncle generation finally tasted it. The first taste made me fall in love for the rest of my life. Tinpane

Nowadays, we drink hakahaki, but those who have not yet drunk look at it in amazement – it is time for us to leave this earth without drinking. Until then, Kshatriyas were considered to be a little timid because they did not drink alcohol. He also started tearing the three-leaf clover to become a hockey stick. And then what was – after eating, sometimes the address of the curd is three times more than the milk.

In the village, this ajambari drink was also called khoyabirke. The name Khoya Birke was left as the bottle was covered with Khoya Birko. On top of that, traditionally, those who did not drink it had to give a different name when asked. That is, after sitting in the dark corner of the hotel and getting swatted, the work is over. The rest was done with the same drink. Tinpane

The strong desire for change motivates people to do things that are not traditionally done. The Brahmins also plowed the land and proclaimed the 2007 revolution. In protest, they secretly ate chicken meat. Dillerman Regmi gave this lineman towards the last hour of his life. This issue was also published on the basis of conversation.

The intoxication was not the only reason why Kshatriya Bahun started tasting three leaves. It was also a rebellion against time. At the same time, to assimilate the spreading culture. He had to secretly eat this drink which was eaten by others. Even if he ate in secret, he would get drunk. At other times, no matter how much the tongue was sticking out, it would become lazy.

About 40 years ago, not only was the wine popular in our village, but the meat of chicken and wild boar also became popular. Today, chicken is easily cooked in the oven and bundle has become an equally attractive dish. That is, the kitchen has become inclusive. His name was changed to Chukura and Bangur with alcohol and jaundice. Recognizing and recognizing him by another symbolic name made it easier for new users.

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That is why such a poem could be heard everywhere: soft chana bhutle saag, Soft lentils were the meat of wild boar and brown greens were chicken. Then there was drinking water and nursing twitch alcohol. When we went to a tea shop in our mid-30’s to ask for tea, the shopkeeper would ask, ‘Is it hot or cold?’ It was only later that I found out that tea is cold. At that time, cold tea was available with Magna – the same three leaves.

When I was walking towards the village, I could hear – ‘Flame, my son has come, give me food. Khaja is a jug of wine. After holding it tightly with both hands and attaching it to the mouth, it would connect all the castes and clans. In a sense, that too was a time of cultural communism. Later, the Maoists emerged in Nepali politics. The only thing that was the target of his attack was alcohol. He gave up jihad against the use of alcohol by all the gods.

He broke the wine jar and poured the wine. Some of the big company’s liquor was hidden in plastic pouches, covered by the porter’s brother and reached the ‘safe’ village. The son of a Maoist leader who used to bribe drunkards later said, “While our great party was cracking down on others for drinking alcohol, I was trying to deliver high quality liquor to our party’s greatest leader, Comrade.”

There will be a lot of maize in our village. But, it was a great fortune to be able to eat rice. That is why many people moved from the hills to the plains to eat rice. Later, when the Kshatriya Brahmins started drinking alcohol, there was a shortage of makikodo. One was a brother from the Brahmin community, a teacher. He used to go home from school carrying a bag of millet.

He used to go to a villager who knew how to make kodo rakshi. And when they came back from school, they would meet in the same three-leaf clover. Give millet, drink alcohol – the pattern of the ‘barter system’ worked. Every day he carries 11 muri kodo in his bag. There was a joke in the village: So-and-so drank 11 muri koda liquor!

After all, the people of the house found out that Bhakari was empty when they were taken away every day only after a long time. Even at Kshatriya Bahun’s banquet, alcohol has entered with San. Not local pets, but neat, round, flat and Banki-Banki bottles contain expensive liquor. And, the mouths of connoisseurs are filled with tears as soon as they see them. Tinpane


From time immemorial, alcoholics have stopped drinking, citing alcohol as the cause of their decline. There are many who understand that its use in children also affects mental development. Those who are addicted to new tastes will take a few more generations to feel this way. To illustrate that alcohol does not degrade, he will cite the example of Europe or Russia, which continues to eat ‘vodka’ on every pretext. Tinpane

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We have also read the news that foreigners have put our own liquor on the list of popular and unique drinks in the world. At least our government will not declare a ‘dry zone’ like the Bihar government of India. The reason is obvious – we’ve all just tasted it. How can that taste be forgotten now? More than that, the government has taken alcohol as an easy way to generate revenue. Tinpane

It is not easy for many of us to abandon the Sommers that were abandoned by our ancestors. Its magical scent has made our glands move.

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