Koran Valley : Beautiful Place To Visit ,If You Are In Humla

Koran Valley

Koran Valley : The Himalayan district of Humla is not only geographically inaccessible but also unique in terms of beauty, which is known as an eye-catching area by observing the natural beauty. Humla has been re-introduced in a few places through media and social media, while there are many other places where people have not been able to set foot. One of such places is Koran Valley i.e. Changla Bhanjyang.

Koran Valley
Koran Valley

The valley is located in the area of ​​Dojam village of Simkot Gaonpalika-1. Starting from a distance of 20 and a half kilometers from the district headquarters Simkot, the end point of the valley is up to 80.5 kilometers. In ancient times, lightning struck the surrounding mountains. The name of the river is derived from a fallen mountain in the shape of a dragon. Also known as Lade Khola in Khas language.

Although it is a very important area in terms of nature and tourism, due to lack of publicity, the valley is always waiting for visitors and more information about this place will be further illustrated by the following picture. This is the first point of departure for Corn Valley. Located on the banks of the Lade River, this place is geographically very narrow. In this place, you can see the very narrow condition of the glacier flowing from the Chuwan river.

This is a beautiful view of the lower Sanghu, which is found within a one and a half hour walk along the banks of the Lade River. The glacier that flows from above has a traditional wooden bridge. The wooden bridge across the blue river flowing in the middle of the green forest really brightens the lifestyle of our ancestors. Polkung is an area with a dense forest of pine pine trees that looks like a skyscraper. This place is also famous for its wild honey found in Gobre pine.

There is an open field in the middle of this place, which is a three-and-a-half hour walk from the beginning of the journey to Koran Valley. Where tourists can get rid of the fatigue of their journey and can be considered as the best place to connect with the nature of Koran. Kalapani is the last point to be found in the Pathan area of ​​Koran Valley. From this place, it can be seen that the Chuwankhola, which flows from above, flows very wide.

Koran Valley

Dojam Chaur is a wide area for camping area for internal and external tourists visiting Koran Valley. Khark of Simkot Gaonpalika 1, 2 and 3, Kharpunath Gaonpalika 5 is found in this place. During the rainy season, this place has been a stepping stone for domestic animals such as horses, mules and sheep since time immemorial. Here you can observe and study the diaries of the shepherds living in Kharka. From where the journey of horses kept in Kharka can be started.

The most attractive place in this Koran Valley is Koran i.e. Lade River. The whole valley is named after this place. There is a very large open and pathan area here. Valuable herbs like Satuwa, Panchaule, Poison, Wild Garlic etc. and wild animals like Navar, Musk, Snow Leopard etc. are found in abundance. Named after the Lama Kham language, this place is in Lazarus.

The locals say that it was named Lazarus because La means mountain and Jarma means river that flows from there. In other words, this place is also the entrance of Chanla Himal. This place is known as Demecho because of the lake formed by the river of snow flowing from above. Seeing the natural beauty of the place, the river that flows from above is also called Rakarbu. This open space filled with wookies found in high places can also be used as a camping side.

This is Tapcha, which is the starting point for the rise of Changla Bhanjyang. This area, which is hidden by a small river in the gorge between two mountains, looks very beautiful to everyone. Chhudang, which is in the middle of the road while climbing Changla Bhanjyang, is also an area where you can easily see snow leopards. This place has a round snow lake and when you see snow leopards, wild buffaloes and other wild animals you can see the water.

Koran Valley
Koran Valley

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Changla Bhanjyang is located at 5280 meters above sea level. Traditionally a trade route between Nepal and China, the Humla region on the Nepali side can be seen to the south of this place, while the various parts of Tibet, an autonomous region of China, can be seen to the north.

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