Sindur : Importance of Putting Sindur for Women in Hindu Culture


Sindur, How many of our religions and traditions are such that we are following them unknowingly? Why such offerings are eaten or made? Why is the mantra uttered? Why is the urn made? Why is vermilion placed in the seam? Why touch the stage?

In fact, we have been embracing these rites or traditions because our ancestors did. We think we should do what our fathers did. But why did the ancestors do such a thing? We do not inquire. In the blink of an eye, we follow the work of our forefathers. Fathers, on the other hand, did not practice such practices. It has special meanings and reasons.


Why Sindur Prasad ?

Prasad is consumed after any pooja. That is, offerings are made compulsorily while performing pooja. Often the offerings are made from fruits or pure dishes.Giving or receiving offerings is a form of gratitude. In the Gita, Lord Krishna says, ‘O man. Whatever you eat, you donate as much. You do home sacrifice, you do penance. Offer them to me first. Through the offerings, we express our gratitude to God. ‘

God means creation. Chararach Jagat. So it indicates that we should always be grateful to the creation. At the same time, it is a sign of faith in God.

Why is the mantra chanted?

While chanting the mantra, the word-power arising from it, the resolve and the force of reverence, doubles in contact with the divine consciousness pervading the space. So the inner body and the outer universe produce a wonderful flow of energy, which is perfected.

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Importance of swastika in worship

The Ganesha Purana says that the swastika symbol is the form of Lord Ganesha, which has the power to remove all obstacles and evils. Acharya Yask called the swastika an indestructible Brahma. It is also considered to be the symbol of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth.

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Kalash in good deeds

According to the scriptures, the urn is a symbol of happiness, prosperity, glory and good wishes. According to the Devi Purana, the first urn is installed while worshiping Maa Bhagwati.

In fact, the human body is imagined with a clay urn. In this body-like urn there is animal-like water. Thus a lifeless body is considered inauspicious, as is an empty urn. That is why the urn is filled with milk, water, grain, etc.


Why is Sindur placed ?

Why is Sindur placed? Especially vermilion is applied on the seams of married women. It is considered to be auspicious, in the same way it also brightens the appearance. This is a sign that you are actually married. According to the anatomy, the place where the vermilion is decorated in the seam of a fortunate woman is right above the place called Bramharandha and Ahim. This heart of a woman is very tender. Vermilion is also used there for its protection.

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