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Ravan :Many may not know about Ravan, one of the main characters of Ramayana. He was considered a great scholar. Today we will discuss about Ravana’s wife, children, parents and grandparents:


Ravan ‘s grandparents (towards home)
Ravana’s grandfather was Brahma’s son Maharshi Pulastya and his mother was Havirbhuva.

Ravan ‘s great-grandmother
Ravana’s great-grandfather’s name was Sumali and his grandmother was Tadka.

Ravan ‘s parents
Ravana’s father’s name is Rishi Vishwasrava and mother’s name is Kaikasi. Kaikasi is the second wife of Vishwasravaka. Earlier, he was married to Ilavida. From which Kuber was born.

Ravan ‘s brothers and sisters
Ravan had 8 brothers and sisters. On behalf of Ravana’s mother were Vibhishan, Kumbhakaran, Ahiravan, Khar, Dushan and two sisters Surpanakha and Kumbhini. Ravan’s half-brother is Kuber.

Ravana ‘s wife
Ravan had three wives. In which the names of the first Mandodari, the second Dhanyamalini and the third are not mentioned in the scriptures. Mandodari was the daughter of King Mayasur and Apsara Hemi. Ravan

Children of Ravana
According to popular legend, Meghnad (Indrajit), Akshay Kumar, Atikaya, Devkanta, Narantaka and Trishira are the children of Ravana

Who does not know about Ravana. Lanka King Ravana who established his suzerainty over the three worlds. The same Ravana who killed Sita and died at the hands of Lord Rama for that reason. Do you know that all this was planned? Ravana died at the hands of Lord Rama, an incarnation of Shri Hari Vishnu. For this reason, Ravana was born on earth. Let us know the reason for the birth of Ravana and his past births in “History of Ravana”: –

History of Ravana
Curse to jai vijay


Once the Sunkadi Muni set out on a journey to all the worlds. Sunkadi Muni was like the eldest in the creation of Brahma, but still looked like five years old. This was the reason that when he reached the door of Baikuntha Lok to see Shri Hari Vishnu, he climbed six steps to reach the door. As he started climbing the seventh ladder. Jai-Vijay, the two gatekeepers standing at the door, stopped him there and did not let him in.

Sunkadi monks got angry on this. He cursed both of them at the same time that you have insulted a monk. You should know that when Lord Vishnu considers everyone equal in the Baikuntha world, where did this sense of dissimilarity come from inside you? Despite this you stopped me. Therefore, you will be born in a dead cradle where work, anger and greed will be inhabited. Ravan

When Vishnu heard the sound outside, he came running. Vishnu was already afraid of Brahmins. The gatekeepers also knew this. So he started apologizing to the Sunkadi monks. They said,

“We are criminals and we have got the proper punishment for our crime.” We are ready for this punishment, but have some mercy on us and take some such measures that even after taking birth in such a sinful vagina, we keep taking God’s name. ”

Lord Shri Hari Vishnu, who arrived there, apologized to the Sunkadi monks on behalf of his gatekeepers. And pacified their anger. After that they told them that this curse that you have given to me has happened due to my inspiration. Now these monsters will be born in the vagina. Hearing this, Sunkadi Muni bowed to Lord Vishnu and went on further journey.

After this, he told his gatekeepers that once you entered Lakshmi, you also stopped Lakshmi ji and they also cursed you. Don’t you worry now You monster will be born in the vagina and I too will kill you after taking birth in death. Thus you will be back here soon.

Story of Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu
Due to the curse, Jai Vijay was born from the womb of Diti, the wife of Maharishi Kashyap. They were named Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu. Both were very powerful. He soon started creating a ruckus. While doing this, he subdued the three locos and took the earth and put it in deep water.

Now that they had everything and none of their enemies. Then Hiranyaksha started searching for an opponent to fight. At the same time Lord Vishnu took the Varaha avatar to redeem the earth from the captivity of Hiranyaksha. First they took the earth out of the sea and brought it to their place. He then killed Hiranyaksha.

After Hiranyaksha’s death Hiranyakashipu took over the whole family and after that started doing austerities to Brahma. Brahma ji was pleased with his penance and gave him the boon sought by him. According to which he should not die from any human, animal, deity, monster, snake etc. With weapons and weapons, he should not die anywhere on earth. Ravan

Hiranyakashipu was married to Kayadhu, the demonic daughter of a demon named Jambha. Kayadhu and Hiranyakashipu had four sons named Sanhlad, Anuhlad, Hlad and Prahlad. Prahlada was the youngest. Apart from this, he also had a daughter. Whose name was Sinhi. He was married to a demon named Viprichit. Rahu was born to both of them. Yes, the same Rahu who cheated everyone and took amritpana. After which Lord Vishnu, who took the form of Mohini, had separated his head from the torso with his Sudarshan Chakra.

The cause of Hiranyakashipu’s death became Prahlad’s youngest son. Who was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. Even when Hiranyakashipu repeatedly explained, when Prahlad did not give up his devotion, Hiranyakashipu made many efforts to get him killed. In this effort, Lord Vishnu appeared with an incarnation of Narasimha from a pillar and put an end to Hiranyakashipu.

Only after this, in Tretayug, Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu or say that Jai-Vijay was born as Ravana and Kumbhakarna.

Story of King Pratapbhanu Ravan


According to Ramcharitmanas Satyaketu Salt was a king in Kaikeya country. He had two sons, the elder son was named Pratapbhanu and the younger was Abhimardhana. According to the rule, Pratapbhanu was made king after King Satyaketu. Pratapbhanu used to do all the work according to Vedas and scriptures. He had special respect for Brahmins and saints. He established his empire by hoisting victory over the whole earth.

Once King Pratapbhanu was hunting in the forest. Then suddenly he found a wild boar. While chasing him, Pratapbhanu reached inside the forest and lost his way. The pig did not even know where he hid. There he saw a monk. He was an insidious monk. Earlier he used to be the king of a kingdom. He was defeated by King Pratapbhanu in a battle. Since then neither did he go back to his kingdom nor contact anyone. The war changed with disguise. Ravan

Started living in Leh. But King Pratapbhanu did not know this. Ravan

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When King Pratapbhanu met him, that insidious monk won the trust of King Pratapbhanu with his words. That sage told King Pratapbhanu that the crisis in his life can only come from the curse of the Brahmins. In this world, nothing can harm you except the curse of Brahmins.

Therefore, invite all Brahmins and provide food to them. In this way all Brahmins will be under you and there will never be any trouble in your life. But I will make this meal. Three days from today I will come to you and tell you about this incident. By which you will recognize me. You should not open any secret of this meeting with us, otherwise everything will be in vain. Ravan

When a tired king Pratapbhanu fell asleep talking to that sage, a demon came. It was the same demon who brought King Pratapbhanu here, dressed as a wild boar. The name of that monster was Kalketu. He had a hundred sons and ten brothers. Who grieved Brahmins, saints and deities. He was also killed by King Pratapbhanu. Now together they created a cycle for revenge from King Pratapbhanu. The sleeping king left the elusive monster in his kingdom.

Three days later, the same demon went to King Pratapbhanu, disguised as a Kalketu priest and reminded him about the forest. After that King Pratapbhanu sent an invitation to one lakh Brahmins. The monster made a lot of dishes. He cooked the meat of many animals and also the meat of Brahmins. When the Brahmin sat down to take food, only Akashvani came out. By which all Brahmins came to know that meat was served before them. Ravan

On knowing this, all the Brahmins cursed King Pratapbhanu that he would become a demon in the future. As soon as this insidious muni got this news, he collected all the nearby kings and attacked King Pratapbhanu’s kingdom. Then the whole dynasty of Satyaketu ended in the war that took place.

The same king Pratapbhanu was later born as Ravana and his brother Abhimardan as Kumbhakarna. King Pratapbhanu was born as Vibhishana, the half-brother of Dharmruchi Ravana, a minister. Ravan

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