Siddha Gufa : The Unique Truth Inside The Perfect Cave:

As the poet Narayan Pokhrel said, various creators from seven states across the country not only sang the praises of Bandipur, they were captivated by the warm welcome given by the citizens here. They were forced to think about how to make their place like Bandipur. Some demanded that such a reception be given in their place.

Friday and Saturday Bandipur village municipality ward no. In the large poets’ symposium organized at Siddha Cave located at 4, not only did the creations of the creators resound in Siddha Cave, but those who reached inside the cave got a great opportunity.

Organized by Geetal Pratishthan Nepal and Natak Manch Tanahu, sponsored by Bandipur Gaonpalika, Siddha Gufa Management Committee, Vimalnagar Community Homestay, Bandipur Gaonpalika Ward no. Poems, ghazals, muktaks, plays, kaura songs and dances were presented in the program in support of 1 and 4.

Vimalnagar, a scenic spot in the central part connecting the two big cities of the country, has been organized with the objective of promoting Siddha Gufa. The program inside the cave has attracted creators and tourists.

Poet Area Pratap Adhikari Memorial Award 2075 has been given to Mohan Suwal, Editor of Janmat Sahityak Monthly Magazine on the occasion. Duwal, a resident of Kavre district, has been doing literary journalism for a long time. Duwal, who is also the general secretary of the Association of Literary Journalists, has been writing continuously in the literary field for the past 35 years.

The creators from seven states are Baba Basnet, Puru Lamsal, Raju Ghimire, Pavi Khadka, Susil Singh Thakuri, Rita Thapa, Vimala Adhikari, Pradip Rodan, Vijay Kumar Ranabhat, Narayan Marasini, Deepak Rai, Amarraj Naharki, Sangam Sapkota, Shri Ram Bhattarai, Anita Yatri. , Pushpa Adhikari, Kamal Aryal, Ranju Dahal, Keshav Raj Amodi, Indira Adhikari recited their compositions in the program.


The chief guest of the program, Shantiraman Wagle, chairman of the District Coordination Committee, Tanahun, said that Siddha Cave was the largest cave in South Asia and all should work together for its development.

Chairman of Bandipur Village Municipality Purna Singh Thapa, Chief of Bhanu Municipality Uday Raj Gauli, Chairman of Bimalnagar Community Home Stay Sita Thapa, Chairman of Siddha Cave Management Committee Lal Kumar Shrestha and others spoke on the occasion. The guests were welcomed by Vimalnagar Community Homestay and provided hospitality with local products and display of Magar culture.

When and by whom was the cave discovered?
V.S. Chandra Bahadur Thapa had gone to Gaigothalo on the ninth day of Chait in the year 2044 BS. While grazing, the cow’s foot got stuck in a place called Pari Goth. Immediately after digging with the stick, the hole became bigger.

On reaching home that day, Chandra Bahadur Thapa told the other brothers in the village about the afternoon. The next day, the villagers took a shovel and a spade to the barracks. As the trench was getting deeper, it was discovered that it might have another mouth, but the mouth was found about half a kilometer below.

How was the cave found?
There was a lot of wind in the forest on the way to the shepherd. The wind came from the Chundi river and the marshland. But in some places, when the wind started coming from inside and the trees and plants started shaking, while searching, the wind came from above and came out through the inner part of the cave, Thapa said. Thapa, who discovered the cave, was honored with a dossal at the event. Experts say that after the discovery of the cave, it was named Siddha Cave according to the belief that Siddhababas lived in the common Taya cave.


What is so special about a perfect cave?
When entering another cave, you have to carry an oxygen cylinder for breathing, otherwise there is a lack of oxygen when you enter. The wind blows because the Siddha cave is open on both sides. There is no lack of oxygen. The cave is located at an altitude of 650 meters above sea level. It is about 440 meters long and 96 meters high. Inside you can see different types of artefacts.

Where to go
Bimal Nagar comes as soon as the limestone is cut through the new bridge of Aanvukhaireni on the Kathmandu-Pokhara road section. There is a perfect cave passenger waiting room by the side of the road. On the other side of it, you can reach Vimalnagar Community Homestay by going through Goreto Road or Motorway. From there, you have to walk 1,019 meters to reach the cave.

Homestay facility?
The women of the Magar community in Vimalnagar have conducted homestay in 10 houses here. At present, the capacity of the homestay here is 40 people. Homestay, which has been in operation since 2074 BS, is welcomed by the women’s group here. They manage the accommodation of the guests. Sweet dishes made from local produce (Dhido, Gundruk soybean pickle, local chicken meat, salad type, local rice, etc.) are prepared and served to the guests. After dinner, they observe different songs and dances of Magar language and Nepali language.

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Guests can dance and sing as much as they want. There is a rule that the cultural program should end before the next morning. The next morning, after lunch, they visit the Siddha Cave and have lunch to entertain the guests. He bids farewell to the guests with a token of love.

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