Killing of Rawan : What is The Significant Reason Behind It?

Killing of Rawan

Killing of Rawan, Lord Rama had killed Ravana on this very day. The religious statement is like this. Therefore, today is celebrated as Vijayadashami according to the belief that truth triumphs over untruth and good over evil. Ravan, about whom we have been hearing. In fact, he is a symbol. A symbol of ego, a symbol of immorality, a symbol of those who abuse their power.

Killing of Rawan
Killing of Rawan

Often ten heads of Ravana are shown in symbolic paintings. Ten heads of one person? It may come as a surprise. However, it also has meaning. The ten heads are considered to be the symbol of work, anger, lust, greed, lust, etc. All these are the full form of vices, Ravan.

Ravan is also within us. We have anger, greed, lust, drunkenness. So being able to kill or suppress it is really a victory over oneself. To kill our favorite Ravan is to go to the shelter of Rama i.e. God. This is the resolution we should make on Vijayadashami.On the other hand, it is also said that the ten heads of Ravana mean that he was a great scholar. He had knowledge of the four Vedas. 6 He also knew the scriptures. His ten heads are made to show this.

The religious story is that when Ravana’s death was almost certain, Shri Rama said to Lakshmana, “Bring the knowledge of these sages.” Lakshman reached in front of Ravana and said, ‘Ramchandra ji has sent me here to get knowledge, give me some knowledge.’ Ravana said, ‘Rama himself is wise, what should I give?’ Ram asked, “How did you ask the question?” Laxman narrated all the details. Then Rama said, ‘You go to his stage and ask questions.’ Finally, Ravana gave three lessons to Lakshmana.

Killing of Rawan

1. Good deeds or good deeds should be done as soon as possible. And, the slower the evil, the better. Meaning good luck soon.

2. Second, never underestimate your opponent, your enemy. I made a mistake in this place. What I thought were ordinary monkeys and bears, they completely destroyed my army. When I asked Brahmaji for the gift of immortality, I told him that no one but man and monkey could kill me. Because I despised humans and monkeys.

3. If there is a secret to life, don’t tell it to anyone. Here too I missed. Because Vibhishan wanted to know the secret of my death. This is the biggest mistake of my life.

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Today’s ten vices of Ravan

1. Work

2. Anger

3. Greed

4. Infatuation

5. Item

6. Jealousy

7. Selfishness

8. Injustice

9. Inhumane treatment

10. Ego


Killing of Rawan
Killing of Rawan

Ten virtues of Ravan

1. Great sage: Ravana had knowledge of four Vedas and six scriptures.

2. Powerful: Ravana was a very powerful king at that time.

3. Politician: Ravana was a politician. He had a high political consciousness.

4. Haman Worshiper: He was a great worshiper of God.

5. Yajna knower: He was a great Yajna knower.

6. Chemistry: Chemistry was wonderfully used in the making of Ravana’s weapons.

7. Family Relationships: He was very responsible and accountable to his family.

8. Dignified character: Pushpa Vatika Ravana never went to meet mother Sita without his wife.

9. Impartiality: In fairy tales, his impartiality is also revealed.

10. Dutiful: When Ravana did any work, he would complete it with full faith.

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