Temple In Nepal : Where Women Are Not Allowed To Enter

Temple in nepal

Temple In Nepal : Although special crowds have gathered at various temples and Shakti Peeths in Janakpur since the beginning of Navratra, the tradition of banning women from visiting the Rajdevi  from Ghatsthapana to Kojagrat Purnima remains.

female restricted temple

The tradition of forbidding women to visit the Rajarshi Janakaki Kuldevi Rajdevi temple, located north of the Shri Ram mandir in Janakpur, the ancient capital of Mithila and now the temporary capital of Province No. 2, from Ghatsthapana to the Kojagrat full moon, is still going on. During that period, a window of the mandir is opened for women, and they have to return from the same window after worshiping.

According to temple priest Ram Giri, a woman entered the mandir to worship the goddess in ancient times and was barred from entering the temple as she was believed to have disappeared. Similarly, women with menstruation are also barred from entering the temple as they come for worship. Some speculate that women may have been barred from entering the temple because of the Tantric rituals.

Explaining that no woman has dared to leave the tradition and enter the period till now, Mahanta Giri says, Although the method of worship in Ram Mandir and Janaki Mandir in Dashain has not been changed in the constitution, there is a difference in the entrance of worship and the entrance of women. Even though women are not allowed to enter the temple from Ghatsthapana to Kojagrat Purnima, it will be open for them after that, said Mahanta Giri.

Temple in nepal
Temple in nepal

Rights activist Binod Ravidas considers banning women from entering the temple from Ghatsthapana to Navami as the culmination of religious superstition in the name of religion. In protest, the people of Janakpur have been demanding an end to such discrimination and untouchability against women. Temple in nepal

Roslyn Bachhar, a women’s rights activist and coordinator of the Women’s Rehabilitation Center in Dhanusha, says, “What a religion and culture! Where women are worshiped as a form of power, women are banned and abused in worship! Such traditions must be reformed. ”

Some locals say that it is not appropriate to disrespect the tradition that has been going on since time immemorial. Mithilesh Jha of Ghodghas in Nagarain Municipality says, “There is no point in challenging the traditions and religious beliefs.” Worship of gods and goddesses is done with the faith of the mind. He says there is no need to worship just by entering the mandir.

Temple in nepal
Temple in nepal

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Like Rajdevi temple, women are not allowed to enter the main entrance of the sanctum sanctorum of Janaki mandir . In the Janaki temple, women can visit and worship only from the place where the Jhulnotsav is held.

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