Muwa Jharna : See View Of Waterfall From Suspension Bridge

muwa jharna

Muwa Jharna, located on the border of Phalelung Village Municipality-5 and 6 of Panchthar, has recently become a tourist destination. This waterfall, which was previously unknown, has been brought into publicity by the local Deepajyoti Youth Club. It is a great pleasure to see the view of the waterfall from the suspension bridge built over this waterfall in a very remote place.

Therefore, the number of tourists coming to enjoy the Muwa Jharna

muwa jharna
muwa jharna

a waterfall is gradually increasing. The Deepajyoti Youth Club, which is active in the field of biodiversity and environment protection in the district, has started attracting domestic tourists after posting pictures of Muwa Jharna in various publicity materials. Chairman of the Waterfall Conservation and Promotion Committee, Rabin Jabegu, said that the waterfall was discussed along with posting pictures of the waterfall on social media. Muwa Jharna

After reaching Phalelung-6 Ogemba via Fidim-Falot road from Fidim of Panchthar, one can reach Muwa Jharna after a 15-minute walk on Kutchi branch road and half an hour walk. The waterfall that falls from the middle of the big rock between the two big slopes looks very attractive. The Muwa River itself is a beautiful waterfall as it falls about 100 meters down from a high cliff. The locals expect the waterfall to become an important tourist destination of the district as there will be plenty of water in the waterfall for 12 months. Muwa Jharna

muwa jharna

Sunil Bantawa, executive director of the club, said that there is plenty of space under the waterfall to enjoy and take pictures and it is easy for tourists to have fun here as the suspension is placed above the waterfall. “Government investment is essential for the construction of additional infrastructure at the waterfall,” he said. If the infrastructure around the waterfall can be developed, it can become a great destination in Nepal. ” Muwa Jharna

In Rai Bhasa, Muwa means ‘continuous flowing tears’. Sujata Vantawa, ward chairperson of Phalelung-6, said that the waterfall was named ‘Muwa’ as it was constantly raining like tears. According to the locals, dozens of tourists have been visiting the waterfall daily in recent times. “Earlier, this place was deserted,” said Pradip Rai of Phalelung-6. “People are now flocking to see the waterfall.” Muwa Jharna

A suspension bridge was constructed from the Shrijanga Rural Development Center after the waterfall became popular. Two public toilets, two restrooms and a drinking water tap have been constructed in the area for the tourists as the traffic has started increasing. Jabegu, chairman of the committee, said that investment from the state and federal governments is needed in the coming days as investment is being made from Phalelung village municipality so far.

He said that it would be easier to attract tourists if some big rocks in the place where the waterfall falls are removed, easy road access is provided and structures like view-tower and beaming bridge are constructed. The village municipality has started construction of footpath from Ward No. 5 to the waterfall. The village municipality has set a target to reach the waterfall by car this year. Muwa Jharna

Ward Chairperson of Phalelung-6 Sujata Bantawa said that Muwa Jharna is being developed as a tourist destination due to the activism of the locals. “The waterfall has become a tourist destination due to the publicity done by the ward and the village in collaboration with Deepajyoti Youth Club,” she said. This year, a footpath is planned to be constructed from Phalelung-6 under the Prime Minister’s Employment Program, said Ward Chairperson Bantawa.

He said that due to limited budget, proper investment could not be made in the promotion of the waterfall. Harka Bahadur Nemwang, a member of the state committee of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) active in the promotion and promotion of tourist destinations in the district, said that the promotion of Muwa Jharna and development of tourism infrastructure was very necessary.

muwa jharna
muwa jharna

“Phalelung is very rich in terms of tourism. This waterfall in the middle of the village municipality also shows that more infrastructure is needed here, ”he said, adding that“ this requires effective coordination at the local level and investment from the government at all levels. ” According to Nemwang, there are indications that Muwa Jharna will be developed as a tourist destination even though it is inaccessible due to the influx of domestic tourists on a daily basis. Muwa Jharna

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At present, 50 to 100 domestic tourists visit here daily. According to the locals, the waterfall itself is beautiful and adding some infrastructure would add fragrance to the gold. This place is a great destination for tourists who enjoy the waterfall as there are three waterfalls and other waterfalls near Muwa waterfall. Vijayahang Andembe, who came to see the waterfall, said that the federal, state and local governments should take interest in its promotion as Muwa waterfall is more attractive than other waterfalls in the country.

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