Darchula Historical pilgrimage : The Hidden Haven Of Nepal


Darchula is considered to be a very important district from religious and tourist point of view. On the one hand it is full of natural beauty and on the other hand it is rich in religious sites. The annual pilgrimage to Darchula adds to the excitement. Nepalis consider Dashain as a national holiday. But the people of Darchula consider the pilgrimages to be their great festival. For them, Jatra is more important than festivals like Dashain and Tihar.


Tenth, during the festival, the people of Darchula are busy in bringing in agriculture. Their purpose is to be able to do everything by the time of the procession. So they work day and night. The procession begins in Darchula during the festival. On the day of Bhaitika of the festival, the procession goes to the first Chaud. From that time onwards, on the day of Kartik Shukla Chaturdashi, the procession ends at the Mallikarjun temple. Darchula

During that period there are processions in various Shakti Peeths of Darchula. Chaud, Bhagwati, Hunaithan, Pauri of Shankarpur, Manau, Bantoli Latinath Temple, Jaipur Latinath Temple of Rithachaupata, Pati, Bhagwati, Agar, Jagannath Kailpal, Balichanna Temple, Marma, Bhagwati Temple of Guljar, Bramhadev Temple, Mashthamadu Temple, Devathali Temple. It takes a journey.

Historical significance of the pilgrimage -Darchula


Jatra is a festival that has been celebrated since time immemorial. There is a religious belief that the journey began with the development of human civilization. The procession is also considered as a place of meeting between relatives along with religious worship. According to Janak Singh Dhami, secretary of Mallikarjun Development Committee, Mad Darchula, the pilgrimage is very important in Darchula.

How did the journey begin? -Darchula

Religious conflict between Hindus and Muslims had started in India in ancient times. A religious riot broke out between them. The riots started during the reign of the then Indian Emperor Akbar. Our present ancestors moved forward from Andhra Pradesh, India, defending religion. In different parts of India, the Muslim community continued to chase away the Hindus. During the chase, the Hindus reached Katyur in the Uttaranchal region of India. He built a hut there for some time and kept the deity Mallikarjun there. He continued to perform worship there as well. But when the Muslims found out that he was staying there, they chased him again. After the attack on the Hindus, they crossed the Kali river (now Mahakali river) and came to Nepal. Darchula

After crossing the Kali River, they came to live in a place called Jaizil in Rithachaupata of Lekam village. There is a legend that a team of five people came to Nepal. At that time Abhay Raj Pandey, Bhim Raj Bhatt, Nimnath Yogi, Dhiradhara and Surdas Auji came and settled in Jaizil.

During his stay there, Dinge was the king over Jaipur. He sacrificed animals. He used to eat the offerings himself and give them to the people. Those who did not eat were forced to eat. Mallikarjun did not like the king’s attitude. Mallikarjun, an opponent of animal sacrifice, left. Mallikarjun’s penis flew from there to a safe place. The five could not find out where Mallikarjun went. Mallikarjun flew from there and landed on the summit of Duhu village. Even there, Mallikarjun did not have a proper environment. He could not stay there for long because of the influence of the lizard god. Then reached the present Mallikarjun peak. Darchula

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Meanwhile, five people who had brought Mallikarjun from India were looking for him. A long search turned up nothing. While searching, they fasted, called on the gods, and sang praises to God. One night, Abhay Raj Pandey had a dream. There is a local legend that the god Mallikarjun came in a dream and told his place.

In the dream, Mallikarjun said, ‘I am at the summit. It is very difficult to come here. The dense jungle of that time, the fear of wild animals. You can’t find your way here. I will send you a tiger. That tiger comes to the door where you are sitting. A bamboo thorn may have been planted at his feet. I will find the thorn on the way back. ‘

On the second day, when I woke up in the morning, the tiger came to the door as per my dream. Along with the tiger, they reached the summit. When they reached there, they found the shape of Jyotirlinga which they had brought from India. After the meeting, they started worshiping again from the same day. But it was very difficult to come and go. Then a temple of Mallikarjun was established in Mud. Then monasteries were built in the name of Mallikarjun. The name of the village has become Mud due to the corruption of the same word. Darchula

With the establishment of Mallikarjun in the mud, daily worship began there as well. He started going to his house before worshiping during the day. After that, the program of night jatra pujan was started along with the puja with the idea of ​​developing the practice of worshiping at least at night. It was started by the children of the then five. As everyone was busy with their work during the day, night time became the time of pilgrimage. Darchula

Fasting during the day, gathering at the temple at night, worshiping and exchanging goodwill among relatives also became a means. Gradually, wherever there were Jyotirlingas and temples, the Jatra began to develop.

The importance of the journey -Darchula

The procession is placed at the center of the religious faith. On the one hand, the pilgrimage became a means of worship, on the other hand, it became suitable for meeting relatives and friends who were far away. Relatives who are far away during the journey are also at home

It also became a means of meeting and entertaining those who came and worked throughout the year. Due to religious beliefs, visitors from Uttaranchal, UP, Bihar, Haryana, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and other regions of India also come to see the pilgrimage. One should be more pure for a week to worship the peak


The peak, also known as the god of gods, is unmanageable at an altitude of about 3,000 meters above sea level. Must be married or fasting to worship there. Unmarried people cannot go. You have to stay clean for more than a week to get there. Actions such as fish, meat, alcohol, sex have to be given up for more than a week.

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There is a religious belief that those who worship the peak will benefit a lot. There is a belief that even the work that could never be done will be completed when it reaches the peak, and any work will be successful.

Even if the door is always open to go to the door of God, Asar Shukla Paksha Triodashi Tithi and Kartik Shukla Paksha Triodashi are the best days. On the day of Kartik Shukla Triodashi, there is a procession to Shikhar Dhura and on the day of Chaturdashi, there is a procession to Mallikarjun. Darchula

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