Sundarijal Waterfall Hike And Place Full Of Natural Beauty


Sundarijal is a place full of beautiful natural beauty located in the northeast corner of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Beauty means good and water means water. Sundarijal Province No. 3 is a beautiful place in Kathmandu District of Bagmati Zone. Sundarijal is also considered as the gateway to Shivpuri and Nagarjuna National Parks. From here, you can enjoy hiking through Wagadwar to Budhanilkantha, enjoying the natural beauty. Gosainkunda and Helambus can also be reached on foot.


There is also a temple of the Hindu goddess Sundarimai. Where thousands of visitors come every year. It has its own religious significance.

If the internal tourists coming here could be connected with religious tourism, there would be fragrance in gold. This is where the beautiful and pure Bagmati flows. It also touches Nuwakot and Sindhupalchok districts. Sundarijal is also the confluence of Sialmati and Nagmati rivers. To reach Sundarijal, you have to reach Chavahil first. Then there are buses and other means of transportation to Sundarijal.

After reaching Sundarijal Bus Park, a fun walking trip is arranged. Sundarijal can be reached after a few kilometers on foot. On the way, you can see the Bagmati River playing hide-and-seek in the rocks. Which attracts the mind of every human being. Once you reach there, you will never be satisfied to see the view in the view of the waterfall.

The water of Sundarijal has the sound of music, the sound of spirit, and the life of the living. It is not satisfying to hear the melodious song of birds and lizards humming in the forest here. Unexpected natural beauty makes the human mind wave like the waves of the sea. Here the essence of life is found, the secret knowledge is revealed, only the divine eye can accept it, this is where the secret of creation becomes visible.


And I can’t say how much profit I made – this is my country and my lovely beauty! After about 15 minutes of walking, Shivpuri National Park can be seen. In the past, horses were raised there. After 10 minutes of exhaustion in a place where there is some fire, you can take a good look at the Kathmandu Valley and return to Sundarijal. It is a matter of desire to kill fatigue.

Large pipes can be seen along the way. These quench the thirst of the people of Kathmandu. The Sundarimai temple can be reached in 15-20 minutes from Shivpuri National Park. This is a very attractive area. The water of Bagmati and Shyalamati is mixed here. Water is sometimes hidden and sometimes seen flowing from the beautiful stone. After receiving the blessings of Sundarimai, the same path is used again to collect water for electricity generation.

sundarijal waterfall

It’s just as good. A pond in the middle of the surrounding forest and the sound of birds, aha! Maybe that’s heaven. Sundarijal Power House is the second hydropower project in Nepal. It has been generating electricity regularly since its completion in 1934 with the help of the British government. It generates 4.77 gigawatt hours of electricity annually. Water is used extensively here. After the generation of electricity, the water reaches the houses of the people of Kathmandu through pipes.

Sundarijal itself is also a place full of diversity. In addition to the temple, there is also a dense forest. False sallo, chilaune, uttis, kafal, laligurans etc. are found in abundance here. Fruit trees of different species are also seen. More than 1,250 species of plants are found here. In addition, a variety of herbs are also available. Many animals such as leopards, leopards, Assamese monkeys, carp, and deer are found here.

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More than 250 species of birds are also found here. More than 177 species of birds migrate here and there. Since the establishment of Shivpuri Nagarjuna National Park in 2058 BS, this place has been preserved and the number of flora and fauna is also flourishing. Currently, a motor road has been constructed to reach Sundarijal and the Melamchi drinking water project site is also there.


In the month of Chaitravaishakh, the flowers of Laligurans and fruits like Kafal and Anselu, which bloom in the forest of Sundarijal, attract the heart of every traveler. Many hotels have been opened in the Sundarijal area for the benefit of internal and external tourists. There are good arrangements for tourists who want to stay. Sundarijal is the nearest destination to get rid of the noise and pollution of the city even for a few moments and breathe a sigh of relief. Life can be made blessed by drinking the beauty of Sundarijal, which is close to Kathmandu city.

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