Personal PAN in Nepal : How to Register for Personal PAN in Nepa

Personal PAN in Nepal

Personal PAN in Nepal, PAN has become mandatory for everyone. Without a permanent account number, also known as a PAN in English, no firm or body will be able to pay without a PAN, and employees may not even be paid. Before taking the PAN, the bank account of the person working in any government office, company or firm must also be opened.

This has become mandatory after the budget made provision for not deducting expenses for invoices worth more than Rs 1,000 without a permanent account number (PAN). According to the new arrangement, cash payment will be made only if the salary is less than Rs 1,000.

How to take a Personal PAN in Nepal?

Government of Nepal From 2076/077, all those who take regular salary and benefits are required to take Personal-PAN. Registering a permanent account number online saves time in queuing at the office and saves you from other practical hassles. An online form for personal permanent account number can be filled from the Inland Revenue Department’s online portal. After filling the online form, the submission number (number obtained from the online system while filling the form) can be verified by the concerned office and a Personal-PAN card can be obtained.

Personal PAN in Nepal
Personal PAN in Nepal

From which office?

At present, the Inland Revenue Department has 40 Inland Revenue Offices (IROs) and 19 Taxpayer Service Offices (TSOs) across the country. These offices issue an identity card with a permanent address within their jurisdiction or a personal permanent account number based on the recommendation of their office in the case of a person working within their jurisdiction.

Required documents for Personal PAN in Nepal

When applying online for Personal-PAN, Nepali citizens should scan both sides of their passport size photo and citizenship certificate and upload it to the system.In case of foreign Nepali citizens, passport size photo, recommendation of their working office, certified documents known as foreigners should be scanned and uploaded in the system.

Must Read for PAN Registration

How to fill the form?

-To open the Inland Revenue Department website ( After clicking on the Tax-Payer Portal, the Registration option appears on the right side of the page that opens.

-Click on Application For Registration from the two options that appear under the registration option. After this, the form for submission number appears. Fill in the username, password, contact number, email id.

-Select Personal PAN from the options that appear under Registration for.

IRO office
Personal PAN in Nepal

-From the Verifying Offices, select the Inland Revenue Office (IRO / LTO) or the Taxpayer Service Office (TSO) from the list to get the permanent account number.

-After filling in all the details, click OK button to proceed.

-The submission number appears on the new page. (This number is required to verify the details filled for PAN card.) The Continue button appears below the submission number. Clicking on it opens a form to fill in personal details.

-Upload photo and fill in personal details. Click the upload button to upload citizenship or passport. (Permanent and temporary addresses are listed at the current village and municipality list)

-After filling all the details, save and submit at the end. The form can be printed with the help of print options. PAN card can be obtained after printing the form, taking hard copy or submission number and going to the concerned office for verification.

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