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Larke pass manaslu

Larke pass manaslu : The speed of the trip is determined by a letter sent by Chinese tourist Harrison Zhang. He had requested to arrange meso for the Manaslu trek from January to February 2017. I replied that if I agreed, I would spend all my time in Nepal. It was decided to start the journey from Kathmandu on January 22. Xiang, Raj Rai and I set out for Arughat at 7:15 in the morning.

Larke pass manaslu

The 200 km road connects Arughat and Kathmandu. Aghat: Manaslu footpath is the first place with food and accommodation facility for tourists. However, as the dirt road now extends to Sotikhola, most of the pedestrians follow the same dirt road and reach Sotikhola at once. As an exception, we stayed in Arughat. On the fifth day of the trip, as the weather was fogier than before, we soon stayed at Lapprali Sathi’s hotel in Eklebhatti (Chisopani). Larke pass manaslu

We were drinking coffee, it rained before evening. After a while, when I came out of the dining room, the top of the dining room was covered with snow. I was worried that there might be more snow on the way. Zhang pointed a finger at his boot that evening. I suggested dipping a pinch of salt in lukewarm water for about 20 minutes and said it would be best to take a day off.

He did so. The water that had stopped at dusk began to fall again from midnight. I stayed awake, worried that the journey would be incomplete because of the snow. Guides want the guests’ journey to be smooth and safe. This time I was handling the responsibility of management myself. I have promised Zhang that ‘Larke can be passed’. It is snowing near Larke. I am awake while Raj Bhai is sleeping soundly on the next bed. Larke pass manaslu

When I woke up late in the morning, I did not see any improvement in the weather. There was more snow on the mountain tops. While the greenery of Uwa and the greenery of Uva and the pier of snow are rolling together, Zhang and the hotel cook suddenly say ‘Good morning!’ I was shocked. It started raining again from 9 o’clock in the morning. It stopped at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

Snow and water were the nectar of the locals who made a living by farming in the rain. Before their happiness, we were helpless. “It snowed in Mastir, you can go as far as Sama,” said the locals. Someone said, ‘If it snows so much, it will be sunny for two days.’ I replied, ‘We have time. If it is not added now, we will go even if we stay for a few days. ‘ Larke pass manaslu

The next morning – the color of the sky was amazingly bright. My heart seemed to be brighter than the sky. I was shocked. Zhang had already stood in the dill to capture the bright scenes with the camera. ‘Good morning!’ He said, ‘Your decision is perfectly great.’ His gratitude had two meanings — a beautiful view and a tired finger race. In response, I smiled and said, ‘Could be snowing much in the mountain area.’ Xiang then looked at Setamme Takura and the camera communicated.

Low Village and Karu’s ‘Pa’ Larke pass manaslu

Larke pass manaslu
Larke pass manaslu

Three days after leaving Eklebhatti, we reached Lo village, from where we can see the peak of Manaslu for the first time. To visit Manaslu Chuchuro, hikers have to travel at least patiently. Before reaching Lo village, they met a sister on the way. He and I would not have met if it had been a few minutes late. At first, Zhang greeted him, “Tsidele!”

Despite the extreme difficulties, we passed Larke safely. In 2017, we became the first hikers to pass Larke. After resting for a while, we made soup by mixing the remaining salt, thyme and champa. I was looking at Goreto with restless eyes. After walking, I had memorized the formula that should be spread. He made full use of it throughout the journey.

As a result, on the way, he received the blessings of an old woman from a village with ‘namatte’ in the parrot speech with flowers in the hands of ignorant children and a thousand sorrows on his face. And, while communicating, I met students who shook hands with a young woman who was blushing and blushing, talking in broken English, insisting on taking a picture of herself on her camera. Larke pass manaslu

Zhang was greeted by her, who was closing the hotel due to extreme cold and falling into a warm place. Coincidentally, she returned to our hometown to buy cotton. All other hotels were closed due to the cold weather. If she didn’t come back, we would be hungry that night. While cooking, she felt a little embarrassed and asked, ‘Do you have Karu’s Pa (Uva’s liquor) to eat?

“Let’s fill two glasses,” laughed the king. She went inside and brought ‘Pa’. The king also tasted Zhang and as soon as he ate, he went to bed. We talked till late. Her life, full of the confluence of her sister’s sincere heart, generous thoughts and grief, seemed like an epic, which remains to be written. Born in Manaslu’s lap, she grew up watching him. She rejoiced with the thief. Larke pass manaslu

‘I was 12 years old. I belong to Sonam Galgen! ‘ – One evening, while returning from Chauri Goth, her friend Chhekudoma told her such news. She considers it an undertaking of life, ‘to be in life, to be.’ She got married in 14 years and became the mother of her first child in 16 years and second child in 18 years. She broke her finger and counted, ‘Son 6 years, daughter 4 years.’

She does not have the opportunity to recognize and write the alphabet, she speaks Kanikuthi Khus language Having been to Kathmandu twice, she loves ‘Lo Gaon’ more than the city. Remembering the environment of Kathmandu, she frowned. Karu’s life was warm. Lying in bed late at night, we lost ourselves in the world of dreams. Larke pass manaslu

Sama village-Larke pass manaslu

When we reached this village at an altitude of three thousand five hundred meters, the weather suddenly deteriorated. It started snowing at 2 pm with clouds rising from the south to the north. Looking at the snow coming up to the kitchen door, I said to Raj, “We can’t pass this time.” My brother also said that we should not force ourselves with snow. Shivering from the cold, Zhang came to warm the fire. At 4 o’clock the snow finally stopped falling.

The sky was slowly opening. The surrounding hills turned black. The sinking sun’s rays made Manaslu’s peak look like a pile of gold. There are locks on the gates of every hotel. The village of Upper Sama seems to be alone in the winter. I briefed him on the rest of the trip to be decided upon arrival. If the weather is good, I told Zhang that the sun would rise at the top of the mountain at 6:45 in the morning. He said, ‘Great idea! See you tomorrow morning, good night! ‘

I was shocked to see the shape of the night sky. The stars twinkled at midnight. Even though I slept less at night, I woke up early in the morning. Probably ashamed of the light, the stars had disappeared in the sky. I went out wearing warm clothes. There is about two feet of snow. Zhang also got up quickly and came out with the camera. The light of the sun began to spread slowly through the peak of Manaslu. We looked at each other and found ourselves very excited. Manaslu, covered in snow, was captured on camera by Zhang. Larke pass manaslu

Samdo -Larke pass manaslu

Larke pass manaslu
Larke pass manaslu

We started our journey at 7 in the morning to reach Samdo at an altitude of 3,800 meters. We covered the four-hour journey in seven hours. We found only one hotel to stay in, all the others were closed. Then Raj and I consulted about the rest of the trip. I laughed when my sister at the hotel told me that I could cut down to Karmar Danda. However, the rule was not to go. But, we had to go.

At 12:15 pm we got up. In the light of the headlights, we proceeded looking for the snow-covered Goreto. The pain of losing and searching for Goreto in the snow, the fear of falling into a big hole buried in the snow, and the doubt that the mountain could not be cut in time, we walked silently. v

As the distant peaks gradually became visible, the sun shone on the peaks of the mountains, which shone like silver. When the snow melted and the road became muddy, it became very difficult to walk. Sleepless and exhausted, the walk of life began to slow down. We had to reach Dharamshala at 6 o’clock and arrived at 10 o’clock. I thought, ‘You can’t cut the mountain today.’

On a trip to Larke Pass -Larke pass manaslu

I woke up both Raj and Zhang at 12:30 pm. It was 1:42 in the morning when I left the hospice. The loss of Goreto in the snow and the sting of the cold siretto caused immense pain. Comforting each other, we watched the beautiful morning view, almost halfway through the pass. It was 11 o’clock in the morning when we reached the high camp at an altitude of about 5,000 meters. Raj filled it with snow and I burned gas. We melted the snow and drank coffee.

Larke Pass is wider and longer than other passes. You have to walk continuously for about six hours at an altitude of five thousand meters. This time it was even more difficult to walk in the snow. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, we finally reached the second last mound. When he told Zhang that he still had two laps to cross, he sighed and sighed. Raj’s tired face was sitting on the snow.

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It was my turn to open the way. Only courage was as high as Larke in the exhausted life. I started to open the way. Life is wasted. I opened the way to the pass. The sun was setting at 5 pm when Zhang set foot on the hill near Larke Pass. We didn’t take any photos except two snaps of Zhang. We went downhill. The red light of the sun was gradually disappearing on the peaks of Himalung and Kangaroo mountains as seen earlier. Twilight fell, I loved the light.

Zhang, who is not used to walking in the snow, found it even more difficult to descend. He stopped walking. There was no choice but to hold hands and lead. He had to bear the brunt of his life and the burden of two bags. I took the bag and the sack alternately to the base of the giraffe. There was nothing but the dob of Raj’s footsteps that was about to open the way. We were at this height of four thousand eight hundred and thirty meters at 10 o’clock at night. Larke pass manaslu

Larke pass manaslu
Larke pass manaslu

We spent 10 minutes on snow more than four feet thick. Zhang fell asleep. When I woke up, I was shocked and said, ‘I got fruit slip, fox we go!’ When he was finished, he fell down. Then I grabbed his hand and started walking. After a downhill journey of about an hour and a half, we climbed the hill. Nothing was visible in the gloomy dark night. We stopped for a moment, shook our heads and shouted ‘Raj’. My voice echoed around the bottom of the Panker Glacier.Larke pass manaslu

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After shouting twice, the light is up and down in the same way . Larke pass manaslu

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