Gupte Dada : The Next Beautiful Destination To Observe The Sunset

Gupte dada

As soon as the sun rises, Sarantkot of Pokhara and Sri Antu of East Ilam come to our mind. Recently, the number of tourists coming to see the sunrise from Suketar Gupte dada in Taplejung has started increasing. Crowds have started flocking to Suketar Guptedanda in Phungling Municipality-9 of Taplejung District to watch the first sunrise. Recently, locals have started naming it as Sunrise View Point and since then, internal and external tourists have started coming to see the first sunset.

A direct sunrise can be observed from Sunrise View Point in Gupte dada at 6:16 in the morning. Every day, internal and external tourists arrive at Sunrise View Point at 5 am carrying tea and lunch in a thermos to see the first sunset and observe the sunrise.

Gupte dada
Gupte dada

With the sunrise observation, the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, and the world’s third highest mountain, Kanjjungha, as well as other mountains can be seen directly, so the view of the mountain and the first sunset is crowded with photographers. After observing the sunrise, the tourists return with the tea they have brought.

Ghanendra Maden, head of the Taplejung District Coordinating Committee, said that the Sunrise View Point, which had not been publicized in the past years, has now been added as a Sunrise View Point for the tourist destination of Taplejung.

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Talking about his experience of observing the sunrise of Nagarkot in Bhaktapur and Sri Antu in Ilam, he said, “You can observe the sunrise in the same way from the Sunrise View Point in Sri Antu of Ilam and Taplejung.” As Taplejung’s Sunrise View Point is a natural view tower in itself, it is necessary to build a sky bridge and a pillar on another hill to make a place to observe the sunrise from that place as well, said Maden.

Taplejung is also known as a religious district. Thousands of people visit Pathibhara Devi every year. As the Sunrise View Point is also in the Pathibhara area, the first sunset can be seen along with the Pathibhara view, said Limbu.

Taplejung Airport

One of the tourist spots of Taplejung, Sunrise View Point of Suketar Guptedanda, needs to be visited once the sun rises, said Paktanglung Gaonpalika-6 Bishas Limbu. Chief of Fungling Municipality Chhatrapati Pyakurel said that the municipality has allocated Rs. 1 million last fiscal year for the construction of fence and necessary structure of the sunrise observation site to promote it as a tourist destination.


Gupte dada
Gupte dada

He said, “I have mentioned in my election manifesto that Sunrise View Point will be turned into a tourist destination and the necessary physical infrastructure will be constructed by the time of my tenure.” Suketar Airport is located at a distance of five kilometers from Taplejung headquarters Phungling via Kalopatre Road and Gupte is located at a distance of about one kilometer from Suketar. A car park has been constructed in Gupte to watch the sunrise. You can park your car and walk for about 10 minutes to the view tower.

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