Lagadh village : Let’s go to Lagadh village And Satyavati lake

Lagadh village

Lagadh village :There was a riot when I had to ask for only one groom at a time. The devotees, who had reached the hill on foot to ask for many brides, were in a dilemma. What to do now After making a plan, he shouted and said, “Ah!” Grandmother Satyavati, to see my eldest son fall in love with the man pillar of the middle floor. It can be said in one sentence or in one breath.

Lagadh village
Lagadh village

It is customary to turn the Satyavati lake next to the temple, shout loudly and reach the bridegroom. After the bridegroom’s request is fulfilled, he will fly a dove or go near Satyavati’s grandmother again to sacrifice a goat or a male. Wooden towers and scaffolding built by the locals to explore the mountains

At least three brothers and a son, a three-storey house with a middle floor, a dhansar (a dhansar is not filled with land for cultivation of grain) and cows are used for seduction. Combining almost everything, the relevance and importance of the bridegroom asked in one sentence and the sentence structure are considered important. This is a proverb or is known as the bridegroom with reference to Satyavati Bajya.

Probably, among the temples of Nepal, the custom of shouting and asking for a bride like this may be the first or the only one. They said that Satyavati’s grandmother was physically handicapped. That is, she was deaf! Cultural expert Jhpendra Bahadur GC is not ready to accept that. He adds, “Are the goddesses or grandmothers who bless others deaf?”

If you don’t listen to your grandmother’s request, how can you fulfill it? Kartik Shuklapaksh falls on Chartudashi (the full moon after Tihar is considered to fall on Kartik). If there is jog, there is a grand fair. At the fair, more than one lakh devotees from around 50 districts of the country come to ask for a bridegroom and some to offer sacrifices after the bridegroom’s request is fulfilled. During the fair, there is no place to set foot not only in the temple but also on the roads leading to it. The fair lasts for three nights and four days. Eating and drinking tends to be a disaster.

Devotees attending Satyavati Mela

Lagadh village

The area where Satyavati Bajya’s temple and Satyavati Lake are located is called Lagadh village. There are about 23 houses in Lagadh village. All the houses are of Magar caste. The population is more than three hundred. The road reached the village. Electricity has reached, water taps are in the village. There are towers of NTC, Smart and Ncell in the village but they are not able to use WiFi.

In the near future, I will start connecting Wi-Fi to everyone’s mobile and make Lagadh a tourist village – Tinau village municipality ward no. 4, Palpa Ward Chairman Dan Bahadur Gaha Magar was saying. You can reach Satyavati Lake, Temple and Lagadh village by crossing the hill from Jhumsa, Panimil or after crossing 24 miles. At an altitude of about 1,100 meters above sea level, there are six Lagadh villages and a temple and a lake at an altitude of 1,300 meters.

Spread over three ropanis of land, the lake is a rare lake in the Chure and border areas. The water in the lake does not dry up even in the month of Chaitra and Baisakh. The swamp remains. President Chure Tarai Madhes Conservation and Development Committee had provided financial and technical assistance for the conservation of temples and lakes in 2073 BS. Assistance was provided to build foot trails and sheds around the temple and the lake. The same committee had formally inaugurated Satyavati Taal Community Homestay in five houses on April 9, 2008. At present, home stays are being conducted in nine houses in this village.

A glimpse of the food festival in Lagadh village

Lagadh village
Lagadh village

Omprakash Gaha, chairman of the Satyavati Lake Community Homestay Management Committee, said that the income of the villagers has increased after the homestay was started in Amaltari of Kawasoti. The produce of the village is consumed in the village itself. The culture of welcoming and respecting the sisters of the village has increased. The introduction of cultural programs has helped in the preservation of culture and the development of the art of cooking. Lagadh village has got a new identity.

Various organizations have provided training to the homestay operators for cooking and cooking and in April 2018, a two-day food festival has been completed. PROVINCE NO. Minister for Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment Lila Giri and the current Chief Secretary of Bagmati Pradesh Dr. Man Bahadur BK have also visited Satyavati Homestay and temples, lakes and homestays.

The Satyavati Lake Conservation and Development Committee has emphasized on the development of the region. Chairman of the committee Til Bahadur Rana said that the DPR of the temple and the lake has been completed with his own investment. Even if the dignity and splendor of the ancient Satyavati Lake and Temple can be spread in every part of the country, its income does not have to be used for the protection of temples and lakes.

Proposed master plan of lakes and temples
Secretary of the committee and social personality Lal Bahadur Darlami said that the lake conservation program with the budget of Rs 2 million in the last fiscal year with the support of the state government. In the village of Lagadh, which is rich in Magar rites and culture, the main festivals are the festivals of Shri Panchami, Phagun 15 Magar Diwas and Kartik Shukla Paksha. The villagers celebrate Dashain and Tihar very much.

There is Satyavati basic school in the village. Where up to five classes are taught. 46 students study. Jit Bahadur Palli has done headmaster. He is even an old native. The village has Satyavati Youth Club, Satyavati Women’s Group, Satyavati Religious Forest, Satyavati Women’s Community Forest and Satyavati Community Forest Users Group. Tan for village development,

Mind and wealth are given. Satyavati Swalamvan Savings and Loan Cooperative Society has helped the villagers to make ends meet.Paddy, maize, millet, wheat, fapar, siltung and maas are grown in the village lands. In the past, locals used to go to the Terai markets to exchange rice and khudi with bananas and turmeric. Cinnamon has saved many lives.

Pindalu, potato, groundnut, sandalwood, nuts, mango, sesame, persimmon, greens, sisnu and neuro are abundant fruits. The produce here is enough to feed the villagers for six months. Local youths are working in Nepal Army, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, teachers and civil servants. There are more than 25 people who send money to Dubai, Qatar and Malaysia. The sale of banana, yam and kodo juice at the Satyavati fair has also helped to make a living.

Welcoming guests to the homestay

Lagadh village
Lagadh village

There are seven students in the village who have passed 12 and two of them have got married after graduation and have gone to their own workplace. There are both Magi and Bhagi weddings in the village. Armaparam is not lost yet. Aichopaicho is also run by Gajwa. Pewa practice is declining. Almost all the relatives are in the village. There is ethnic unity and collective solidarity in work. Probably because there is a temple of Satyavati Bajya in the village, the sisters strictly observe menstruation. Local women leader Dilkumari Sunari said, “We have all been following the menstrual cycle.”

Satyavati Bajya’s temple
A wooden view tower (wooden scaffolding) has been built in the village of Lagadh to see the mountains. Beautiful mountains are visible. The wide plains of the Tarai are captivating. There are many chakras in the village. They have raised chickens and livestock. Amriso is also worn. They are focusing on commercial vegetable farming.

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The municipality has allocated money in this year’s budget to open a new road from Satyavati Lake to Budhi Satyavati Lake. Village Municipality Chairman Om Bahadur Ghartimagar said that the municipality has dreamed of turning the stone hill near Gijinchaur into a penguin rock garden with the help of the locals. If the ring road can be made with Lagadh village as the focal point, it will still look beautiful.

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