Hiking In Nepal :Top 10 Hiking Destination In Nepal

Hiking in Nepal

Hiking In Nepal : New Year’s Eve and New Year’s plans have begun. As soon as the new year is called, most people think that if they enjoy the first day, they can enjoy the whole year. Some of us make the new year a new departure point and make different resolutions. In order to make the whole year special, the new year (April 1) is also the starting point of the determination to do something new and special in life.

New Year 2076 is less than a week away. Most of them are planning to go for a walk in the new year and most of them are confused about where to go. We suggest you get to the nearest destination from the valley, where you can make your New Year special.

Especially for hiking enthusiasts, these activities can be perfect. Wherever you go you can make the beginning of the new year memorable. Hiking, which helps in physical and mental development, has recently become popular among the younger generation. When choosing a hiking destination, it is best to choose a new and safer destination. Hiking In Nepal

These are the places to hike near the valley.

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hiking nepal


Nagarjuna is a hiking destination within the Shivpuri Nagarjuna National Park. Located in the northwestern part of the valley, the entire route runs through dense jungle. The maximum height of Nagarjuna is 2128 meters. Its hiking distance is 9 kilometers. You can see Jamacho Gumba, Stupa, Kathmandu Valley and mountain scenery. Its hiking distance is 9 kilometers.


Hiking in Nepal
Hiking in Nepal

Its maximum altitude is 2,563 meters and the distance for hiking is 16 to 18 kilometers. There are three trails to reach Shivpuri hill within Shivpuri Nagarjuna National Park. When you reach Shivpuri hill, you can see the scenery of the beautiful mountain range.

Champadevi -Hiking In Nepal

From Champadevi on the border of Kathmandu and Makwapur districts, one can see the beautiful mountain scenery including Gaurishankar Langtang. Hiking can also be started from Machhegaun of Kirtipur or Toudah of Chobhar. The maximum height of Champadevi is up to 2285 meters. Its hiking distance is 14 kilometers.

Phulchoki Danda- Hiking In Nepal

Hiking in Nepal
Hiking in Nepal

Hiking to Phulchowki, the highest point in the valley, is considered to be the most difficult. Lately, youths have been attracted to this snow-covered hill in winter. Its maximum height is up to 2,765 meters.

Chandragiri-Hiking In Nepal

Chandragiri, which has a maximum altitude of 2,475 meters, has a hiking distance of 12 kilometers. From Chandragiri, one can observe the mountainous scenery of Everest, Makalu, Kanchenjunga and Manaslu.


With a maximum altitude of 2,175 meters, the hiking distance of Namobuddha is about 17 kilometers. Nagarkot is also a tourist area. From the Nagarkot hike, one can see the mountainous scenery of Everest, Manaslu, Ganesh Langtang and others.


Sundarijal has a maximum altitude of 1,280 meters and a hiking distance of 14 kilometers. Green forest and waterfall are the specialty here. The longest hiking route here is to go from Sundarijal to Okharni via Mulkharka and from Changunarayan to Sundarijal.


Indradaha is reached from Sitapaila in Kathmandu via Bhimdhunga. Its maximum height is 1,877 meters. Its hiking distance is up to 13 kilometers.

Ashapuri Mahadev -Hiking In Nepal

Its maximum height is 2278 meters. Its hiking distance is up to 16 kilometers. Pilot Baba Ashram is reached from Gundu of Bhaktapur. After this, Ashapuri Mahadev can be reached through Ghyampedanda.

Namobuddha -Hiking In Nepal

Hiking in Nepal

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Its maximum height is up to 1800 meters. From Namobuddha, which has a hiking distance of 12 and a half kilometers, one can see the mountainous scenery of Gaurishankar, Langtang, Dorje Lakpa and others. Namobuddha can be hiked from Dhulikhel.

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Hiking Nepal : If You Are Thinking Of Going Hiking, These Can Be A Suitable Destination