Prostate Cancer : Everything You Need To Know About This Cancer

Prostate cancer is different from other types of cancer. It is dormant for many years. In some men, it progresses rapidly. It also spreads to other parts of the body. It  starts in the prostate gland. All men have a small gland called prostate in their body. This gland is located around the bladder tube. The prostate is about the size of an octopus and grows larger with age.

Prostate cancer

The prostate makes a thick, white fluid. It combines with the sperm produced by the testicles to produce semen, which makes the semen liquid. The back of the prostate gland is close to the anus. When these glandular cells grow abnormally, prostate cancer develops.

Prostate cancer is divided into three subtypes.

Early Stage  is also called localized stage . In this case, the cancer occurs in the prostate gland and does not spread to other places. In the case of advanced stage , the cancer spreads to the tissues around the prostate gland. In metastatic stage , the cancer spreads from the prostate gland to other parts of the body.

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Generally, it  can be diagnosed at an early stage. In some men, when it is first diagnosed, it is at an advanced stage. Advanced type can also occur in men who have already been treated for this.

What causes Prostate cancer ?

The exact cause of prostate cancer is not yet known. There are some risk factors that make men more likely to get this cancer.

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The risk of  this  also increases with age. Men under the age of 50 have a lower risk.


Black African and black Caribbean men have a higher risk of this  than white men. Asian men have a lower risk.

Family history

If someone in the family has had prostate cancer, the child born to them is also more likely to get this cancer. About five to ten percent of men develop this  due to a genetic defect.


Even if you are physically active, you are more likely to get this.


Men in western countries including UK, Europe, USA are more likely to get this  than men in Asian countries. The main reason for this is that they eat more animal fats than fruits and green vegetables.

In particular, men in Asian countries consume more soy in their diet. Soy reduces the risk of prostate cancer. But more research is needed to confirm this. Eating too much calcium can increase your risk.

Tomato products, including tomatoes and ketchup, provide protection against this .

Prostate cancer

How to know about this

There are no symptoms of this  in the early stages. This cancer spreads gradually. Its symptoms may not be seen for many years.

If you have advanced cancer, it depends on where the symptoms have spread. It often spreads to the bones and can cause excruciating pain in the body.

Common symptoms of advanced Prostate cancer

– Feeling extremely tired

– I don’t like food

– Feeling unwell

If a person develops any new symptoms for two weeks or more, they should contact a general physician immediately. Because this symptom can also be seen due to other diseases. So to avoid this problem, you should consult a doctor from time to time.

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Treatment of Prostate cancer

Treatment of this depends on the health condition of the person and the stage of the cancer. Therefore, it is essential to consult a doctor before treating it. Because this cancer grows slowly. In the initial stage, there are no symptoms. If any symptoms appear or the cancer is found to have increased for any reason, it is necessary to treat it immediately as per the advice of the doctor.

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