Top 10 Most Beautiful Lady of Nepal

Oshin Sitaula

Most Beautiful Lady In Nepal -Whether you are selfish or selfless, fair or whitish, tall or short, curvy or skinny, shy or bold, it is a given that you would be associated with a certain kind of beauty. While all of those traits exist on a spectrum, they are not necessarily antonyms; atleast not in the way that allows an individual to appear superior to another. The concept of beauty is not alien to men either. Some may cringe at the thought of using the words ‘beautiful’ and ‘man’ in the same sentence. But it is a gender neutral term. Their self worth is defined by how muscular their body is or whether they are flaunting the latest hair trends. Makeup artists on YouTube sometimes get called out for trying to replicate a certain skin tone in their beauty videos, even if it’s not done in a mocking or demeaning manner.

1.Himani Shah

Most Beautiful Lady Of Nepal-Notes Nepal
Himani Shah

Himani belongs to the royal famaily .she is wife of ex- crown prince  Parash shah. She has always been listed as a most beautiful lady of Nepal. The weekly magazine saptahik named former crown princess as the most attractive women of 2018 Saptahik, the weekly Nepali magazine named the former Crown Princess as the most attractive woman of 2018. She had become 2nd in 2017 and has been featured as always.she contain brown hair and enviable skin

2. Usha Khadgi

Most Beautiful Lady Of Nepal-Notes Nepal
Usha Khadgi

Usha khadgi is the  most attractive and beautiful lady .She was named Miss Nepal in 2000.She was 1st runner up of Miss Pokhara 1999 and Miss Birjung 2000. She is the synonyms of beauti with purpose. She is tall and smart lady .Usha is one of the most beautiful Miss Nepal. She is wife of JP Timalsina. Usha is beautiful elegant and gorgeous lady in Nepal.In her view beautiness is all about Positive attitude.

3.Oshin Sitaula

Most Beautiful Lady Of Nepal-Notes Nepal
Oshin Sitaula

Oshin is one of the most beautiful gods  creation and prettirst ,cute miedia personality of Nepal.She is 5 feet 6 inch tall.She is smart and tallent lady .she has clean and fair skin.Oshin Sitaula is a well known presenter of M&S (Mover & Shaker) VMAG channel.She is also famous for her beautiness. Her bubbies is dancing and yellow is her favourite color.She looks even more beautiful without makeup as well.Now she has been working as a host in popular reality show ‘The Voice’.

4.Namrata Shrestha

Most Beautiful Lady Of Nepal-Notes Nepal
Most Beautiful Lady Of Nepal

Namrata is known for her acting skill as well as her beautiness.Her Height is  5 feet 2 inch and contain brown eyes and black hair.She was interested in singing ,dancing and acting from her early age.Her skin is fair and she is known as beautiful even without makeup.Namrata is cute ,bold and legendry actress in Nepali Fim industry.She always tries to act in the challenging character.she has been awarded as the INFA Best Actor (Female) 2014.

5.Sahana Bajhracharya

Most Beautiful Lady Of Nepal-Notes Nepal
Shahana Bajracharya

Sahana Bajhracharya is crowned with Miss Nepal Earth 2010. She is also known as the beautiful lady of Nepal with bold and elegant looks.she is the first women to be onTNM magazine.she is tall ,bold and talanted lady of Nepal.She is known for her confidence .Her height is 5 feet 5 inch tall.she is also awarded with Miss Asia Pacific Top,glass painting ,listening to music is her best hobbies.


6.Niti Shah

She is one of the adorable lady of Nepal. Niti is one of thr pageant title holder and Nepali model.Niti is one of the fashion icon and inspiration for all the young lady.she is 5 feet 7 inch tall.with black eyes and dark hair.She has been featured in number of magazine and trending model of Nepal.she has won the title Miss International Nepal.Her hobbies are singing and playing.Niti represented Nepal in Miss Inernational Beautiful Peagent 2017.

7.Nisha Adhikari

Nisha is one of the famous model ,actor of Nepal.She is one of the bold and courageous lady of Nepal.She is 5 feet 4 inch tall and has took away a title ‘Mias International Nepal’ 2005.she is already a mother of one child but still her beautiness hasn’t fade away.She have black eyes and black hair . she is  confident and bold speaker.Her mole on her lips is the main attraction point of her face .She is a wife of famous crickter Sharad Vesawakar.She is always being listed as a beautiful lady of Nepal.

8.Shrinkhala Khatiwada

Shrinkhala Khatiwada is one of the beautiful lady of Nepal.She is known as the beauti with brain.She is 5 feet 7 inch tall.Her eye color is  Dark brown and black colored hair.She was crowned Miss Nepal World 2018.She represented Nepal in Miss world Nepal 2018 and secured a place upto top 12.Being a beautiful lady,she is not interested in movie industry or the media field.She is bachlore topper in the field of Architecture at the Institute of EngineerinG,Pulchowk kathmandu.

9.Indira Joshi

Indira Joshi is one of the famous singer of Nepal.She is famous for her beautiness along with her singing skill.She is also known as the ‘sakira of Nepal”.She is 5 feet 7 inch tall.She has always been listed as abeautiful lady of Nepal.She is bold and confident lady .Indira has worked as a judge of the famous reality show “Nepal Idol” of both the seaon.She has more of her male fan due to her beautiness and her singing ability..

10.Sipora Gurung

Sipora Gurung  is one of the beautiful lady of Nepal.She is 5 feet 9 inch tall with black hair and eyes.she is the national level player of Nepal,she plays volleyball.Sipora is top 5 finalist of 2013 and winner of Miss Talent,She also represented Nepal in”10th South Asian Games”.She has adorable cute smile and dimple in her face whicj enhance her beautiness.Her favourite color is Black.Sipora also has been listed as a beautiful lady of Nepal.


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