Champadevi That Can Be Easily Seen From Everest,These Are Features


Champadevi : The development of physical infrastructure has gained momentum in there , where Everest can be easily seen. With the arrival of locals and foreigners from the Kathmandu Valley and the surrounding areas to see the scenery of the mountains, the number of upgrades of local roads, houses, general hotels and restaurants has been increasing.


Infrastructure is being developed keeping in view the pressure of tourists as the publicity of the southern part of Kathmandu, which can be trekked for a short time, is increasing. Its  Area Improvement and Management Organization is taking initiative for infrastructure development . Some of the forests around the Champadevi temple in Dakshinkali Municipality-6 also belong to Kirtipur Municipality-1.

It has been developed as a trekking route from Champadevi Paun Vosan to Pushpalal Memorial Foundation area through Deurali to Champadevi Danda. The road is about nine kilometers long. Normally, the stone of Champadevi is surrounded by a stone wall, but some arrangements have been made on the initiative of the same organization.

Chairman of the organization Janak Tamang said that the Department of Archeology has provided assistance for the construction of the temple at a cost of Rs. 800,000 for the preservation and management of the historicity of it.



He said that one can observe Mt. Everest especially during Phagun Chait. From there, Makalu, Lakpadorje, Gaurishankar and other mountain ranges can be observed simultaneously. The  area, which is covered with forests, is also a storehouse of various herbs. The forest here is covered with red gurans and looks very beautiful as the gurans are blooming in Phagunchait.

Tourists reach  through footpaths like Machhegaun-, Pharping-Champadevi, Pushpalal Udyan-Champadevi, Chalnakhel-Champadevi. Thousands of tourists visit the fair on April 22 every year. There is a belief that if you visit  on New Year’s Day, your wishes will be fulfilled.

Commitment of the people’s representative

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Despite having ample potential for tourist destinations, the area was overshadowed by the lack of people’s representatives at the local level for nearly two decades. Chief of the Kirtipur Municipality Ramesh Maharjan expressed his commitment to provide some assistance for the development of the necessary infrastructure in the current situation where the importance of the  temple and the surrounding area has been overshadowed.

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