Cancer Treatment : Cancers Can Be Treated and Some Of These Cant Be

Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment, The common belief is that life ends with cancer. That is, to have cancer is to be pushed to the brink of death. This is the reason why many people become very discouraged when they find out that they have cancer. They are scared. But, that is different. Cancer is a deadly disease. But, what kind of cancer? Of which organ At what stage Much depends on it.

Not all cancers are as deadly as we think. Also, some cancers can be worse than we thought. ‘Cancer’ is a language that is generally understood by everyone, while its tendency, nature and conditions vary. Not all cancers are the same. There are many cancers that, if identified early and treated properly, can be completely cured. After the cancer is treated, the person returns to normal. Their routine is the same as yours and ours.

Cancer Treatment
Cancer Treatment

In the beginning, after the correct diagnosis and treatment of cancer, there are many people living a normal life, in our society. Their life is not only normal, they also live a full life. There are also examples of those who were diagnosed with cancer in childhood and returned to normal. I mean, you don’t have to be terrified of getting cancer. Necessary, necessary physical examination, health routine, proper diet and active lifestyle.

Our attitude is different. We go to the hospital only when the disease is gone. Of course, there are a number of reasons. Our health policy, health access, public awareness, economic status, geographical remoteness. In developed countries, the health of citizens is given high priority and testing and treatment facilities are provided. At what age stage is it determined what kind of health test to do. The government has made the necessary arrangements for this. So they get regular health checkups. We do not have such a situation.

One is the lack of public awareness that regular health check-ups should be done. There is also a widespread belief that testing should be done without any disease. On top of that, health facilities and access have not reached everyone. It is not possible to get health check-up even if you want to. Due to these reasons, we are being deprived of the right treatment at the right time.

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Cancer Treatment

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If regular health check-ups are done, it is possible to identify potential diseases. When a potential disease is identified, appropriate precautions are taken. You know what to eat, what to do. This is the special way to avoid a deadly disease like cancer.

Knowing the potential risk of cancer early can prevent such a disease. As I said at the beginning, some cancers are completely cured. For example, breast cancer. That is, breast cancer is well cured. However, it should be found out soon. If breast cancer is at potential risk or early stage, it can be completely cured.

Steps one through four. But, there is a stage even before coming to the initial or first stage, if it is discovered then seven percent is cured. If found early, the cancer has a 90 percent cure rate. Especially breast and uterine cancer. Both of these types of cancer can be completely cured.

Cancer Treatment
Cancer Treatment

Cervical cancer. That is, if cervical cancer is treated properly, it will be 100% cured. While cervical cancer is the most common problem among women in our country. This cancer is caused by a kind of virus. This is especially true when having unprotected sex or contact with multiple partners. The virus first attacks the cervix and spreads. There is a very simple method to find out if you have the virus at an early stage. For example, Pap smear. This testing service is readily available across the country and at low cost. Women over the age of certain can get a Pap smear test to avoid cervical cancer 100 percent.

The risk of cervical cancer is very low in developed countries. Because there is vaccination against it. They are also aware of sexual health. At present, the process of vaccination has started in some districts as well. This is a very positive thing. Similarly, if the cancer of the stomach and intestines is detected in the first stage, there is  a possibility of complete cure. The same is true of throat cancer. If detected early and treated properly, complete recovery is possible.

Of course, the stage alone does not depend on it. There is also the question of what kind of cancer is spreading and how it is spreading. Therefore, if the potential cancer can be detected before the first stage, the risk of cancer can be avoided 100 percent.

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