Hindu Religion : The Facts ad nd Myths of Hindu Religion

Hindu Religion

Hindu Religion is the oldest religion in the world. Only 5,000 years ago, no other religion existed. At that time, it was not natural for a new religion to develop in the minds of Hindus and to destroy us. There was no such thing as a war or a conversion in the name of religion until Christianity originated some 2,000 years ago.

Today, there has been a great change in the form and understanding of religion. Some foreign writers have even said that there is no religion called Hindu. And even Nepalis and Indians in the West, by believing what the writers say, are confused about what their original identity is. Again, most of the writers in the country and abroad read less and write more, so their writing is more imaginative than factual. Another thing is that their writing tends to be motivated. It is not uncommon for facts to be distorted on the basis of sophistication in such self-serving articles of one’s food provider and community.

Hindu Religion
Hindu Religion

Hindus are called followers of Arya, Vedic and Sanatan religions just like people of other religions are given different names. As a result of bad propaganda, some have identified themselves as Arya Samaji, Sanatani, Sant Matavalambi, etc., not Hindus.

Hindu made from Indus?

How did Hinduism come from Indus? The Indus is a famous river, formerly in India and now in Pakistan. This river is considered as one of the seven sacred rivers of Hinduism. Saptasindhu is mentioned in Rig Veda. Saptasindhu is called the land of the Aryans.

According to linguists, the sound of Sanskrit changes to the sound of Iranian languages, so when the seventh Indus reached the Avestan language (the religious language of the Persians), the week became Hindu. After this, the modern Iranian Persians started calling the people living in the area east of the Indus River as Hindus. After the fall of Iran, when Muslim invaders from the Arabs came to India, they also called the natives here Hindus. Thus Hindus got the word Hindu.

Is that right Who are the Iranians and Arabs who call Hindus Hindus?

The Persian religion was founded in 700 BC by a branch of the Aryans. Later, Zarathustra worked to give it an organized form of religion. The founders of this religion were the Aryans of the Atri clan. If the Persians did not know how to pronounce it, they would call the river Indus as Hindu, the Sindh province of present day Pakistan as Hind and the people of Sindh province as Hindu.

Another thing, according to this argument, they would also call Sanskrit Hankrit. But the point is that the word Hindu is also found in books before the Persian books. An example of this is the arrival of Jupiter. The word Hindu is mentioned in this text.

Many of the Agam texts, such as Jupiter Agam, are believed to have been written before the Iranian and Arabic civilizations. Therefore, the mention of Hindustan in these books makes it clear that the Hindu name was given by the ancient sages and not by the Iranians and Arabs. Instead, the name was later used by Iranians and Arabs.

Hindu Religion

In one verse it is said-

ॐकार मूलमंत्राढ्यः पुनर्जन्म दृढाशयः
गोभक्तो भारतगुरुः हिन्दुर्हिंसनदूषक : ।
हिंसया दूयते चित्तं तेन हिन्दुरितीरितः ।

That is, the one whose main mantra is Omkar, who has a firm belief in reincarnation, who has been introduced by the cow-worshiping Indians, and who is not tainted by violence or condemns violence, is a Hindu.

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Let’s look at the next verse of Jupiter’s arrival,

बृहस्पति आगमको अर्को श्लोक हेरौँ,

हिमालयात् समारभ्य यावत् इन्दु सरोवरम् ।

तं देवनिर्मितं देशं हिन्दुस्थानं प्रचक्षते ।।

That is to say, Hindustan is the country created by the deity starting from the Himalayas to the Indus Sarovar (Indian Ocean).

Is it made of Himalayas or Hindu Religion?

According to another theory, the first letter of the Himalayas, Hi, and the last letter of the Indus, Ndu, are combined to form Hinduism, and the territory from the Himalayas to the ocean is Hindustan.

Hinduism was then used as a nationality instead of a religion. At that time, there were only Vedic and other indigenous religions in India, but no other religion has emerged. Therefore, the word Hindu was known to all Indians. Due to the presence of Hindus in India, foreigners later began to use it in conjunction with religion.

Hindu Religion
Hindu Religion

Is it made of Indus or Hindu Religion?

The word Hindu was also prevalent during the time of the Chinese traveler Hwen Sang. It can be assumed that the Hindu word is derived from Indu, a synonym of the moon. In China, Indu is also called Intu. Astrology has given great importance to the moon. The zodiac sign is determined on the basis of the moon. Our festivals and dates are also calculated on the basis of the lunar month. Therefore, the Chinese started calling those living in India Intu or Hindu. Since the Hindu word was prevalent even before the Muslim invaders arrived, it is clear that the name was not given by the Persians or the Arabs.

The Hindu name has been around for thousands of years, as evidenced by the Vedas as well as Sanskrit and secular literature. In fact, the name Hindu is not given by a foreigner, it is an achievement of India and it is the word Indus used in the original Vedas.

During the post-Vedic Upanishads, the word Hindu was widely used in Prakrit, Apabhramsa, Sanskrit and medieval literature. According to many scholars, the word Hindu has been used in the practical language of the masses since ancient times.

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